PHOTO CAPTION: Early Ford concept electric car from 1960s era.

Is Ford Planning Its Own Answer to Bolt and Tesla Model 3?

Ford says Automobile's report it is working on a 200-mile electric car are 'not accurate,' but it's a safe bet to say they are studying the problem.

Published: 07-Mar-2015

Despite comments by the website Automobile, Ford Motor Company contends that the a report that it is working on a 200-mile range electric car to compete with Chevrolet's Bolt and Tesla's Model 3, are no accurate; the company stating, "We do not comment on speculation but can confirm these reports are not accurate."

That being said, it can be assumed that the Dearborn company is, at the very least, studying the feasibility of offering a competitive model. They would be foolish not to be considering it, if not being actively engaged in design studies.

Ford already offers an electric version of the Focus, as well as two electric hybrid models: the Fusion PHEV and the C-Max. The EPA-rated driving range of the Focus Electric is 76 miles. Creating an affordable 200-mile range model will require more energy dense batteries, likely a lighter frame and/or smaller vehicle, as well as a more efficient drive system.

So, while Automobile's report that Ford will reveal is own Bolt buster yet this year may be inaccurate, it's probably a safe bet they are putting their best minds to the problem.

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