PHOTO CAPTION: Audi e-Tron electric city car concept

Audi Rumored Working On All-Electric CIty Car

Automobile magazine 'deep dives' into speculation that Audi is working on an all-electric city car to compete with smart, BMW and Fiat.

Published: 12-Jun-2015

According to Automobile magazine, despite its several missteps over the last decade in developing a compact, ICE-age city car, Audi designers and engineers continue work on a future model to compete with the likes of Fiat's 500 and the smart ForTwo.

That car, the publication speculates, could be created in collaboration with other VW Group companies, including Skoda and Seat. It would initially use a small internal combustion engine, but an electric version could also spin-out of it, just as both Fiat and smart have done with their respective models: the 500e and the smartED. Also included in the competitor list would, obviously, also be the BMW i3 and the forthcoming Mini Active-e.

An electric model would probably come with a 60-to-90kW motor and offer a range up to 125 miles (200 km) driving range, suggests Automobile. However, assuming the company gets the go ahead to begin serious engineering with the eye on production, the car likely wouldn't appear until 2020.

The possible EV city car isn't the only electric model the company is said to be considering. Automotive News is reporting that an all-electric crossover to compete with Tesla's Model X will debut as a concept at the Frankfurt Auto Show this fall.

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