PHOTO CAPTION: Victory Empulse TT proved it mettle at TT Zero Challenge on Isle of Man.

Empulse TT Emerges with Victory Badge

Acquired by Polaris' Victory motorcycle brand, the former Brammo R gets some minor tweaks and a $1,000 price boost.

Published: 05-Aug-2015

There is no better proving ground for motorcycles than the Isle of Man and its punishing, and sometimes deadly, annual series of road races, where for the last several years, electric motorcycles have been steadily getting faster and more capable.

The latest to emerge from the TT Zero Challenge and go on sale is the Victory Empulse TT, essentially the same machine Polaris got when it bought Oregon-based Brammo's motorcycle assets. While the Victory brand has never posed a serious competitive threat to Harley Davidson, with the introduction of the Empulse TT, the company now has a serious headstart of its Milwaukee rival and its prototype-only Livewire.

The specs on the Empulse are essentially unchanged from the 2014 verion, reports Motorcycle.com, observing that the claimed 140 miles of range on the 10.4kWh battery pack (a 10% increase over the previous Brammo R model) is realistic when driven hard at highway speeds. Still they scored it a solid 79.5 on a 100 scale. They also note, "The Empulse TT marks a turning point in electric motorcycles, as one is finally being brought to market by a major OEM."

The MSRP is $19,999US.

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