PHOTO CAPTION: Sinclair A-Bike weighs a mere 26 lbs. (11.7kg)

Meet the Lightest E-bike on the Planet

The lead in the race to build the lightest and most compact electric-assist bicycle may just have been taken over by the A-bike out of England.

Published: 07-Aug-2015

For ever-so-brief-a-time, Quikbyke's (a spin-off of EV World) K15 bamboo and aluminum electric bicycle was the lightest e-bike of its kind anywhere at 31.6 lbs (or less than 15kg, hence the "K15" moniker).

Then along came Troy Rank with his 27 lbs. Maxwell e-bike, dropping the weight a good four pounds and ratcheting up the competition for the 'lightest' electric bicycle on the planet.

Now comes the kickstarting its sales efforts and has well exceeded its original goal, which we at EV World can't say for our own stalled efforts to raise funds for our first Q•pod by offering 150 limited preproduction version of the K15.

The A-bike will sell for $1,089US retail.

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