PHOTO CAPTION: Aston Martin RapidE could get China co-developed electric drive.

RapidE A Reality By 2018

A collaboration between famed British sports car maker Aston Martin and China-based LeEco, formerly LeTV, could see the production of an all-electric RapidE by as early as 2018.

Published: 18-Feb-2016

Famous as the preferred getaway car of super spy James Bond, Aston Martin's own "Q" could be adding another 'trick' the MI-6 agent can use to effect yet another narrow escape: stealthy silent electric drive.

According to PC Magazine the British car builder has been collaborating on just such a possibility with China-based LeEco, the company that is also backing Faraday Future, the Las Vegas electric car startup. Founded by Jia Yueting, who like Tesla CEO Elon Musk made his fortune on the Internet, LeEco (formerly LeTV) has been working on the electric version of the RapidE, with Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer stating recently, ""We have been encouraged by the project speed and technical depth shown by LeTv in the development of the RapidE concept towards full production. Bringing the RapidE to market by 2018 is an important milestone for both companies. "

The two companies indicated that more than just one model could be produced under the aegis of Faraday Future at its North Las Vegas production plant, issuing a clear challenge to neighboring Tesla.

Should we next expect to hear that "Q" will transform those rockets mounted on past Bond cars into Mars mission boosters? Now that would be a real "Spectre."

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