PHOTO CAPTION: DiMora Vici 6.2 could be basis for new electric model.

DiMora Steps Out of Shadows with e-Car Announcement

Custom coach builder DiMora announces that it is planning to develop an electric car based on technologies found in their retro-classic Vicci 6.2.

Published: 30-May-2016

In 1986, when then President Ronald Reagan proclaimed the Centennial Year of the Gasoline-Powered Automobile, the car selected as the official centennial vehicle was the DiMora Clenet, a retro-classic 30's style sports car with long nose and short trunk.

More recently, the Palm Springs, California custom coach builder has been turning out the $1.2 million, limited edition Vicci 6.2, pictured above.

Turns out the ICE-age machine with classic aero-lines of the late 1930s and 40's, might just be a stalking horse for something more in tune with the demands of the 2020's instead of the 1920s. The company founded by Sir Alfred J. DiMora has been secretly working on Project SunSource, which we now know is the code name for its own electric car program.

Beyond the initial announcement, we know little else about the project other than it will utilize the same carbon fiber technology found in the Vicci. We do know that DiMora has long been an advocate for electric vehicles, recently noting, "Fifteen years ago I predicted that cars would move away from being gas powered, and move toward being more sustainable. With our state-of-the-art system that we’ve developed, there is no doubt that our technology system will be ready for market sooner than my original estimates.”

Between the likes of Tesla, Faraday Future, and presumably now, DiMora, the Southern California-Nevada-Arizona triangle is starting to become a hotbed for electric vehicle development, or at least, hopeful announcements. However, it's doubtful in the case of DiMora that whatever comes out of Project SunSource will be an EV for EVeryman, given the company's track record of million dollar motorcars.

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