PHOTO CAPTION: CityScoot brings e-scooter rentals to Paris, France

CityScoot Lauches Electric Scooter Rentals in Paris

Paris, France is about to join San Francisco, Milan, Berlin and Munich in offering residents and visitors electric scooters for hire.

Published: 31-May-2016

First rolled out in San Francisco by US-based Scoot, the concept of electric scooter sharing is starting to make inroads in Europe. Cityscoot is just completing its own successful trial in Paris, France using a small fleet of 50 battery-powered scooters like that being ridden by the young lady in the above photo.

Paris' well-known Velib bikeshare system has now been running since its launch in July of 2007, offering Parisians and visitors alike a pollution free alternative for travel within the city. It was followed by quasi-private Autolib electric carshare in 2011. Now Cityscoot is planning a similar EV sharing venture, this time using small, nimble, Chinese-built electric scooters, apparently manufactured by Vmoto (originally E-Max).

Renters must have a valid license to operate scooters. The rental rate is €2 per 15 minutes (approximately US$2.25). Range on a full charge for most e-scooters in this class is around 30-40 miles (55-70 km) depending on terrain and operating speed, typically under 50 mph (92 km/h).

Similar electric scooter programs have been launched by other firms. Milan-based Enjoy operates 150 in the Italian city, eMio has a fleet of 150 in Berlin and Scoome rents 50 scooters in Munich and another 50 in Cologne.

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