PHOTO CAPTION: Nissan LEAF belongs to Guyana embassy in Havana.

Cuba Gasoline Shortage Poses Opportunity for Electric Cars

The successful importation of the first Nissan LEAF into Havana signals the opportunity to follow up with more electric cars

Published: 21-Apr-2017

For decades Venezuela's Hugo Chavez subsidized Cuba's communist economy with oil in exchange for the island's surfeit of medical doctors and technicians. When Chavez died and Venezuela began its rapid descent into a political and economic morass, shipments of cheap crude began to slip, forcing the Raul Castro government to tighten its financial belt even more. Two of the island's three refineries are either closed or operating at a fraction of their capacity, reports Reuters. The gasoline all those coveted 1950s American classic cars has gotten even more expensive and restricted.

That offers an opportunity for electric cars, thinks Cayman Automotive's John Felder, who recently won US permission to import the first automobile from the United States in 50 years, a Nissan LEAF sold to the Embassy of Guyana, and pictured above. Through his Premier Automotive Export subsidiary, he's now offering special deal on the 2016 LEAF.

"We put together a special offer and are distributing the flier - a 2016 Nissan (7201.T) Leaf electric sedan, plus super charger, for $25,000, including shipping direct from Miami to Mariel Port," he explains.

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