PHOTO CAPTION: VW ID Crozz electric concept car aimed at China market.

VW Debuts ID Crozz Electric SUV Concept, Plus Others in China

Volkswagen's ID Crozz electric car concept could have a range of more than 300 miles.

Published: 21-Apr-2017

Human beings are a curious creature, regardless of ethnicity or citizenship. We want to feel safe when we're driving, so we lean towards bigger, taller cars: hence the surge popularity of SUVs and pickups over sedans and compact cars. But we're also increasingly concerned about our environment, especially in places like China where poisonous air pollution can blanket two-thirds of a country nearly the size of the USA. Electric cars would seem to be an important part of the solution, at least that's the thinking of the communist government in Beijing.

If you're Volkwagen, which has had a long presence in China - I once rode in an aging VW Fox taxi to the old Beijing Airport in 1998 - and you have set your sights on dominating the car market there, you have to come up with a vehicle that meets both criteria - the perception of safety and the reality of zero tailpipe emission (China still burns lots of unregulated coal, but they're shifting away from it at a rapic clip).

Meet the VW ID Crozz, a 500 km range (estimated) electric car concept. The Crozz will be powered by a 305hp electric propulsion system that is capable of being recharged to 80% battery capacity in 30-minutes on a 150kW DC fast charger. It is just one of several all-electric concepts Volkswagen is debuting at the Shanghai Auto Show, including the Audio e-Tron Sportback and Skoda Vision E, according to Automotiv, a German publication.

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The successor to the current generation Beetle, if VW, decides to build, will be electric.

Volkswagen chairman, Herbert Diess says that IF VW decides to build a new Beetle, the next version will be electric, and it's about time; converters have been plugging Beetles for decades.

Volkswagen MOIA ride share electric shuttle prototype

VW isn't just counting on rolling out 80 all-electric models by 2025 to deal with the emerging electric vehicle revolution. It's also preparing for a shift away from car ownership through it MOIA startup.


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