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Put Some XING In Your Street-Legal Electric Racer

Miss R can do zero-to-100km/h in 2 seconds thanks to 1,341hp of electric propulsion.

Published: 21-Apr-2017

Two seats and more than 1,340 hp will power Miss R, the creation of XING Mobility, based in Taiwan. The Super-car, "road-legal" racer is on display at EV Taiwan 2017. It's mission is to showcase the company's "race-derived technology." The prototype is slated to rollout late this year. Details are available in the company press release below.

TAIPEI, April, 2017 – XING Mobility have debuted the company’s first electric road-legal supercar at EV Taiwan 2017. Previously flying well under the radar, XING Mobility offered an exclusive preview of their vehicle-in-development, Miss R, a showcase of the company’s race-derived technology.

Miss R is presented at Taipei World Trade Centre with a fully exposed chassis and drivetrain, revealing a futuristic architecture of carbon fiber tub and battery enclosure attached to aluminum subframes, billet-carved from solid, under which precision-designed components are visible among an intricate network of electronics.

Co-founder & CEO Royce YC Hong described a key motivation behind this supercar: “Miss R is a pure electric supercar that achieves performance levels and driving experiences that are otherwise impossible to achieve in an internal combustion engine vehicle”.

Unprecedented Power and Speed

Four 450V high power density motors producing an incredible 1 Megawatt of power (approximately 1,341hp), propel Miss R to projected performance figures of: 0-100km/h in 2 seconds; 0-200km/h in 5.1 seconds and 0-400m in 8.8 seconds, with a top speed of 271 km/h.

Co-founder & CTO Azizi Tucker explained that “While there are other electric cars out there that are able to produce this kind of power, they are only able to sustain it for a short period of time as a result of the battery overheating. With Miss R, we’re able to achieve an honest 1 megawatt that can be used continuously by creating integrated battery technology that eliminates that fragility to heat”.

The car’s energy is stored and discharged from 4200 lithium-ion cells encased in XING Mobility’s patent-pending fully liquid-submerged modular battery packs which by significantly improving temperature control produces conditions for continuous high-power output, increased overall efficiency and an extended battery lifespan. Self-extinguishing chemical properties greatly reduces risk of fire and their unique building-block design and provisions for a second life make them easily re-configurable for other vehicles and purposes after their journey with Miss R.

On-track and Off-road Adaptability

With the options of two driving modes and two interchangeable tire sets, Miss R is also the world’s first electric supercar to offer the versatility of on-track and off-road capabilities:

The car achieves true torque vectoring by partnering each of the high-performance motors with unique torque vectoring gearboxes, developed specifically for electric power trains in vehicles running with one motor per wheel. This gearbox technology enhances control and traction by enabling 100% independent wheel control which maximizes grip and reduces slippage, making the car exceptionally well-adapted to a huge range of driving situations road conditions and gradients.

Additionally, her dual personality of rapidly switching between on-track to off-road settings is made possible by XING Mobility’s unusual suspension method which uses revolutionary Magnetorheological Damper valves which again operate one control per wheel. The dampers achieve extremely fast and precise damping responses using electromagnet fluid which, with the help of specially-designed sensors, stiffen and relax at up to 1,000 adjustments per second accommodating the car’s stability, shock absorption and steering needs on both tarmac and gravel.

Taiwan: The shortest distance between concept and reality

Developed in Taipei, Taiwan, the car’s unusual birthplace is described as the start up’s “best kept secret”, with 60% of Miss R’s components sourced within 150km radius of XING Mobility’s workshop. According to the founders, the advantage exists not only in the density of suppliers and manufacturers, but in their proximity and flexibility, which they hope will help to prove the industrial strength in Taiwan is capable of producing components that meets or exceeds best-of-breed quality standards.

Paradigm Shift

For XING Mobility, the completed prototype (scheduled for release in late 2017) represents the potential and possibilities of electric vehicles and the future of the mobility industry. The founders believe that “Miss R is the embodiment of a paradigm shift of EV surpassing petroleum/traditional gasoline cars in performance and capability”. By presenting the car in-development, the company aim to stake an identity, not only in producing high-quality extreme performance electric cars, but also in making the technologies in Miss R available to the world’s electric vehicle and smart mobility ecosystem.

Xing Miss R chassis

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