PHOTO CAPTION: Volvo sedan concept. Company hasn't yet decided on model type: sedan or SUV.

Volvo Plans China-Built Tesla Model 3 Competitor

It will have range of 250 miles and a price tag somewhere between $35-40,000.

Published: 25-Apr-2017

Volvo has a solid reputation for quality and safety, which are two reasons China's Geely Automotive bought the company - among other acquisitions, including the London Taxi Company, makers of the famed Black Cabs - from Ford in 2010 for a mere $1.8 Billion.

While its cars continue to be made in plants in Sweden, Belgium and Malaysia, Volvo Geely opened two assembly plants in China in 2013 and 2014, producing the S60L, XC60, CS90L and XC Classic. In the next couple years, the lineup will include at least one all-electric model that is targeted in the $35-40,000US price range, putting it on a collision course with Tesla's Model 3. That car will be based on its CMA (compact modular architecture) platform, which can handle up to a 100kWh battery pack, as illustrated below:

Volvo 100 kWh battery pack for electric car

As with other would-be Tesla rivals, the Volvo electric car will have a planned range per charge of 250 miles. It will go into production sometime in 2019, presumably in China, but with the aim of exporting it to the rest of the world, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

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