PHOTO CAPTION: Jeep Yuntu plug-in hybrid.

Jeep "Cloud" Electric Hybrid Destined for China Market

The seven-passenger SUV concept reportedly will have a EV-mode range of up to 40 miles (65km).

Published: 26-Apr-2017

Jeep, like Volkswagen, has been a long established brand in China. The Beijing Jeep Corporation (BJC) was established in 1957, quite possibly making it the longest, continuously manufactured US-originated automobile in China. And like all car brands, it also needs to continuously evolve its product line up, just as it's done elsewhere in the world.

The latest iteration is the "Yuntu", Mandarin for "cloud", an up-scale, seven passenger sport ute with an electric hybrid drive train. Designed by Fiat Chrysler, FCA announced the Yuntu may herald a "flagship" for the FCA GAC joint-venture. Because it is largely a concept at this point, few performance, pricing or availability details are known other than if produced, it might have up to a 40-mile electric-only driving range, according to Automotive News. It is also intended for the China market only, largely because of the significant incentives being offered by the Chinese government.

Interior of 7-passenger Jeep Yuntu plug-in hybrid SUV

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