PHOTO CAPTION: Furion concept offers more 205 Nm of torque.

Furion Wankle-Powered Hybrid Street Bike Out Torques KTM

Furion M1 blends a 125hp (93kW) dual rotor Wankle and 55hp e-motor, delivering 180 hp of blistering torque and equivalent of 59 mpg.

Published: 09-May-2017

While it's still just concept, this French-designed hybrid points to an interesting future for lovers of speed and performance on two-wheels. Furion has digitally envisioned a street bike that can knock the socks off even the powerful KTM 1290 Super Duke R, coming in at a lower street weight, while also offering a monster 45% greater torque (205Nm or 151 lb-ft)... at least in theory.

As most carmakers have learned at great expense,smoothly blending ICE tech with electric propulsion can be a daunting programming challenge. There's a reason GM boosted that there's more computer code in the first generation Chevy Volt than in the Boeing 777 Dreamliner, estimated at some 10 million lines versus 6 million. But the concept certainly sounds appealing, marrying a range of up to 250 miles (400km) on a 4.2 gal (16L) fuel tank with better-than-Prius fuel economy.

As New Atlas points out, "we don't know how big the lithium battery pack will be, or what all-electric range it'll have if any. However, diagrams indicate the battery pack will live under the slim seat unit, which doesn't allow space for anything very substantial."

If that's the case, then it's doubtful the M1, as it's called, will be a plug-in hybrid offering little if any EV-mode only driving range. Instead, most of the energy will likely come from burning carbon and not recycling electrons. But for the lover of sexy, powerful street racers, the M1 certainly sounds and looks seductive.

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