PHOTO CAPTION: NIU M1 Electric Motor Scooter

China's NIU Partners with Vodaphone on IoT Smart Scooters

Future Niu electric scooters now will come with pre-installed Vodaphone IoT sim cards that will enable 'over-the-air' software updates, just like Tesla.

Published: 13-Nov-2017

Chinese electric scooter maker NIU has signed an agreement with Vodaphone to install the now-British company's Internet of Things (IoT) sim cards in future vehicles. The cards will come with a full year's pre-paid data contract. As reported by IoT News:

"The new Vodafone services will mean that scooter customers can have a full dashboard of their vehicle’s status in regards to battery charge and journey range. There are also additional security alerts which will send a text message to the owner’s phone if the scooter is moved without authorisation."

To date, NIU has produced some 330,000 electric scooters. In the case of the M1 featured above which comes in four models based on battery capacity, range varies from 50-120km (31-75miles). Currently available in China, it's priced from ¥3235-6180 ($490-$936US).

With Vodaphone's global market reach, coverage also offers NIU more opportunities for expansion.


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