PHOTO CAPTION: Artist's concept of EVcentre with integrated EVclub fitness

Group Proposing EVcentres For Fun, Food, and Rapid Charging

Equipped with 20 rapid chargers, plus space for food and coffee bar, fitness center, meeting space and more, EVcentre concept would locate along Britain's major motorways.

Published: 14-Nov-2017

Elon Musk and Tesla made a point as they began to build out their proprietary Supercharger network to do two things: locate them along Interstate highways and within walking distance of places to eat and relax while their cars recharged.

That lesson was not lost on the group behind the EVcentreUK idea, stand-alone, solar-powered stop-overs. Each would be equipped with 20 rapid chargers able to cater to everything from passenger cars to motor coaches to lorries - electric models, of course. A roof covered in solar panels would keep a large bank of batteries sufficiently charged to not only handle the EVs, but also run the lights, HVAC and other power needs of the 20m x 20m (65 ft x 65 ft) modular building with 800 sq meters of retail space on two floors.

The developers, led by Chairman David Lloyd, estimate that most drivers will take between 2-40 minutes to top off their cars. Presumably, each EVcentre will have a service technician available to keep all the chargers working, since one of the major complains about the current salad charging stations operated by multiple providers are broken EVSE's. Commented on frustrated EV driver, "The key is having a Plan B and C because if you hit 1 failed charger sods law means you will hit more. I got 3 failed chargers on the trot.”

Some 16 possible locations around greater London have been identified, from Cambridge in the northeast to Horsham on the south, Chelmsford on the east, to Swindon on the west. The first three locations have been tentatively selected, but not yet made public awaiting final zoning approvals.

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