PHOTO CAPTION: Coradia iLint hydrogen fuel cell commuter train.

Niedersachsen Signs Agreement for Fuel Cell Trains

Niedersachsen transport authority LNVG signs 30-year agreement with Alstom and Lind for the delivery, maintenance and fuelling of 14 Coradia iLint hydrogen-fuelled commuter passenger trains.

Published: 14-Nov-2017

Niedersachsen transport authority LNVG believes that within 15-20 years, diesel-powered trains will be obsolete, replaced by hydrogen fuel cell-powered trains like that depicted in the video below. Using electricity generated by the electrochemical recombination of hydrogen and atmosphere oxygen, Coradia iLint doesn't need overhead wires to help propel it quietly, cleanly with water vapor being it's only emission.

LNVG signed a 30-year agreement with train manufacturer Alstom for 14 of the iLint multi-units. The first two-car prototype and second unit will enter service in 2018 operating along Elbe-Weser line between Cuxhaven, Bremerhaven, Bremervörde and Buxtehude. Reports Railway Gazeette,"the Coradia iLint will be able to operate at speeds up to 140 km/h and cover a distance of up to 1 000 km between refuelling." The Landstadt of Niedersachsen is providing €81·3m for the project. The refueling station at Bremervörde will cost €10m ($11.66M). Additionally, "The Federal Ministry of Transport & Digital Infrastructure is contributing €8·4m from the National Innovation Programme for Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Technology."

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