PHOTO CAPTION: MIT and Lamborghini collaborate Terzo electric supercar concept

The Electric Supercar That "Repairs" Itself

MIT and Lamborghini team up to create an electric car for the generation after next, one in which there are no batteries and it can drive itself.

Published: 15-Nov-2017

Admit it. This car is to die for. Sleek, sexy, powerful, and above all, quiet and clean.

The Terzo Millennio concept is the product of a fruitful - and a bit wishful - collaboration between MIT in Cambridge, Mass. and Lamborghini - the Gisele Bundchen - of supercar design houses. Lambo brought the sexy appeal, MIT the brains.

What sets this particular bit of design whimsy apart from the rest of the field - like Ms Bundchen's modeling revenue of $44 million from number two Doutzen Kroes' $11 million - is its carbon fiber body, which MIT envisions being one giant - and "self-repairing" - super capacitor that is engineering in such a way that potential cracks that would degrade its energy storage capacity if they grow and spread are somehow prevented.

Supercapacitors, you'll recall, store energy almost instantly and can be cycled many thousands of times without degradation: making them perfect for equally super-fast driving and charging. Of course, they also release energy equally quickly, which while terrific for blasting off stop lights, but isn't particularly useful for long road trips. How the Millennio solves this "feature" isn't yet known.

The energy stored in its body is used to propel four in-wheel electric motors. How quick and fast it will be able to go, not to mention how far, Lamborghini isn't saying, but that's okay, by the time the generation after next arrives, we'll probably have figured out how to make it fly too.

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