PHOTO CAPTION: UJet electric motor scooter with 150km range

UJet Debuts Folding Electric Motor Scooter

Engineered in Germany, assembled in Luxembourg, UJet electric scooter features folding frame, roller battery and 150km range with top speed of 45 km/h.

Published: 17-Nov-2017

It's no secret, I love motor scooters, ever since the time as teenager I acquired someones broken down model that I don't think I ever got running. I remember it has a lawnmower motor with a seat over the top. I don't recall who made it. Could have been hand built. That was the era of the Vespa and Cushman and beautiful Audrey Hepburn on her Roman Holiday."

Kids with wealthier parents rode around on Honda Cubs, which are still being built and supposedly an electric version that's been promised since at least 2010.

Fast forward seven years and another electric scooter debuts, this time at the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona. It's called the Ujet and produced by, naturally enough, the Ujet Group, not to be confused with a similarly named company in Ireland that refurbishes airplane interiors. It is a truly innovative design and I don't casually throw that term around. Of course, its got its own App; who doesn't anymore? It folds, but that's pretty much de rigueur for modern light vehicle design anymore. Case in point: the Gi Bike out of Argentina. See also Why You May Want an eBike In the Boot.

What's intriguing about the UJet is some of its other, not so expected, plot twists, like it's off-center steering, it's detachable roller-bag battery, and its motor, which the company spec sheet describes as "In-wheel, ultra-thin brushless motor. Permanently excited external rotor with 3-points position detection and temperature sensor." It's also rated at 4KW or 5.44hp. Honestly the list of features is pretty darn impressive, so check out its specs and the company website.

You'll have your choice of a "small battery" offering 70km range and a "large battery" rated at 150km range. Presumably the €8690 ($10,030US) base price is for the small battery version. At 11kg and 17kg respectively, both will benefit from the combination seat/battery/roller bag arrangement illustrated below.

UJet battery

The company is taking preorders now with an €850 ($1000US) deposit. Production is expected to commence before end of the year. Delivery time is estimated a 4 weeks with Europe being the first market. North America and Asia will come later.

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