PHOTO CAPTION: Torrot Velicopedo offers range of 150km on 8kWh battery.

Torrot's Velocipedo: An All-Weather Electric Scooter

Spanish firm Torrot develops €6,000 electric three-wheeled scooter that offers an improved level of rider comfort at a reasonable price.

Published: 18-Nov-2017

Motor scooters have, traditionally, been open-air, carefree "Roman Holiday" machines for breezily buzzing around congested urban centers. The sort of fit the niche between sporty bicycles and gnarly motorcycles. The trouble is, all three are open to the vagaries of weather, rain or shine.

Spain's Torrot, based on Salt with offices in Barcelona and in Portugal, took the logical step to creating a scooter that offers a more year-round serviceability. It's trike layout means its less susceptible to tipping over at stops. Its 13.5 hp electric motor is limited to a top speed of 55 mph. Equipped with an 8kWh lithium-ion battery, its supposedly offers a range up to 150 km (93mi).

Pricing for the base model, which will also be available as a cargo carrier for things like take-out food delivery - is reasonable €6,000 ($7,072US).

Video of Unveiling in Barcelona

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