PHOTO CAPTION: Deutsche Post DHL Streetscooter delivery van. Germany's post service also uses electric bicycles.

StreetScooter: One of Germany's Most Popular Electric Vehicles

Initially developed as an electric car, Germany's Deutsche Post, repurposed the Streetscooter into an all-purpose mail and parcel delivery van.

Published: 12-Dec-2017

DHL may employ fewer personnel than either FedEx or UPS, but they also generate more revenue than either. A unit of Germany's national postal service - Deutsche Post - they have the financial wherewithal to not only experiment and implement innovative delivery solutions like parcel trikes and mail delivery bikes, they can also afford to develop, manufacture and deploy thousands of electric vans based on the Streetscooter concept first debuted in 2011.

That same year, DHL ordered 3500 of them with the intent to adapt them to mail and parcel delivery. In 2014, DHL acquired Streetscooter and by 2016 it had 2000 of the sedans-now-vans plying the streets of Germany. The company plans to eventually replace all its 45,000 ICE-age vehicles with EVs like Streetscooter, which has a DHL certified range of 80km (50 mi.) on its 20kWh battery pack: NEDC tests rates it at 118km (73 mi). Top speed is 85km/h (52 mph). Fully loaded, it weighs 2,130 kg (4636 lbs) with a cargo capacity of 650 kg (1433 lbs).

DHL Streetscooter delivery vans recharging

Streetscooter is available as a bare chassis, a 'work pickup,' and a 'work box' as seen in the top image. Pricing starts at just over 38,000 € ($44,866) with a 4000 € "promotional premium" discount. According to reports, the company sold over 900 of them in October, and more than 3,600 so far this year, making it the 11th most popular EV sold in Europe.

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