New Electric Concept Cars Powered by AC Propulsion

Volvo, Venturi, Correges Design and an unnamed California manufacturer all are using AC Propulsion electric drives.

Published: 30-Sep-2004

Last September, in Sonoma, California, AC Propulsion’s tzero electric sports car earned the highest overall score at the 2003 Michelin Challenge Bibendum. The tzero beat every other car entered including hybrids, fuel cell vehicles and other electrics. Based on that performance, four companies developed plans for electric vehicles designed around AC Propulsion electric drive technology and Li Ion batteries. Now one year later, three of those companies are unveiling their all-electric creations.

Each of these three cars reveals a different concept and style. All of them offer a vision of the future where cars run on electricity drawn straight from the grid, stored in lightweight, efficient, mass-produced Li Ion batteries, and delivered smoothly and efficiently to the drive wheels by AC Propulsion drive systems.

You may wonder about the fourth company mentioned above. It’s too soon to give details but imagine a company that wraps Silicon Valley entrepreneurship and British racing heritage around AC Propulsion technology and plans to take the delightful result it to market. Stay tuned.

A year after its success in Sonoma, the first tzero continues to rack up miles – 75,000 total miles, 15,000 miles on the Li Ion battery installed in August, 2003. The second and third tzeros continue to make their owners happy. The tzero has made its case – EVs can be powerful, fun, and efficient – but progress marches on. These new vehicle concepts will supercede the tzero. Still there is one left. A fourth chassis awaits completion for an enthusiast who wants to own the last tzero.

Remember, electric vehicles equals transportation without petroleum.

Contact: Tom Gage
AC Propulsion
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San Dimas, California

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