New Accord Hybrid Adds Luxury to Fuel Efficiency

Honda argues its hybrid system is cheaper to build and can save as much fuel as a Prius on the highway, where 95 percent of America's driving is done. As a result, Honda hybrids benefit those with longer commutes where traffic keeps rolling...

Published: 29-Nov-2004

N class=text>Hybrids are going the luxury route. Starting Dec. 3, when the hybrid-electric Honda Accord goes on sale in the United States, even drivers with high-end tastes can step on the gas and not feel too guilty.

For about $30,000 they'll be able to buy an Accord that gets a third better gas mileage than the standard V6 model. Next April, Lexus will introduce an even more upscale hybrid SUV.

The new Accord poses a challenge to America's hybrid buyers: Will they stick with the popular Toyota Prius, which limits emissions and boosts mileage as much as possible, or will they give up some efficiency and opt for the more luxurious Accord?



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