PHOTO CAPTION: A Nissan LEAF operated in California could save its owner more than $10,000 over its payback period.

New EPRI Study Examines Total Cost of Electric Vehicle Ownership

Study analyzes current battery and electric hybrid models, including Nissan LEAF and Chevrolet Volt, the former coming out favorably in economic terms.

Published: 22-Nov-2013

EPRI, formerly the Electric Power Research Institute, has published a new report entitled, Total Cost of Ownership Model for Current Plug-in Electric Vehicles that examines the finanical implications of owning electric-drive vehicles; the Nissan LEAF and Chevrolet Volts, in particular. They conclude that three key points:

The researchers asked a key question of themselves, "When compared to a hybrid or conventional vehicle, is a PEV worth the additional up-front cost to consumers?"

The answer, they admit is a difficult one to answer, because of the complex and varied nature of driver needs, circumstances, and expectations, but when they took as many of the variables as possible into their analysis, at least for drivers in California, they concluded the "results indicate that the relative costs are favorable for the LEAF..." to the tune of a not inconsiderable savings of some $11,000 over the operating life of comparable vehicles.



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