PHOTO CAPTION: North American Auto Show attendee struggles to extract himself from BMW i8

BMW i8: The Executive Exit Challenge

EV World captures several automotive executives slipping into the BMW i8 electric hybrid sports car and then - humorously - trying to get back out.

Published: 20-Jan-2015

There is no question: the $136,000USD BMW i8 electric hybrid sports car is a stunner. Sleek, powerful, sophisticated, few can resist the desire to slip into its compact cockpit, if only to fantasize for a few moments about driving down the Autobahn at 250km/hr., or pulling up to the country club in one. It says, as one person comments in the video below, "you've arrived."

EV World's publisher and editor in chief Bill Moore certainly wasn't immune to the temptation either and took the opportunity during the 2015 North American International Auto Show in Detroit last week to indulge in the fantasy as well. Standing around 5 ft. 10 inches, Moore found it a bit of a challenge to get into and then get out of the i8. Certainly harder than his 2000 Honda Insight. Of course, being somewhat past the usual retirement age, he admits he's not as nimble as he once was. While the wide wing doors improve entrance and egress somewhat, the low-slung chassis and high door sill, also presented a challenge to other auto show attendees, as he captured in this short video clip of several car company executives similarly trying to extract themselves from the car, including Stefan Jacoby, now with General Motors. Stefan had previously been the CEO of Volvo, which is where Bill first met him during a Volvo-hosted even in Washington, D.C.

Clearly the i8 is a 'trophy' car to be driven rarely on those special occasions when first impressions are important and you've practiced your yoga exercises that morning.

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