PHOTO CAPTION: Arriva BMW i3, one of 400 to be part of Copenhagen DriveNow electric carshare.

Copenhagen Adds 400 BMW i3 to Carshare

In early September, Arriva's DriveNow carshare program will introduce 400 BMW i3 electric cars in the Danish capital.

Published: 18-Aug-2015

The already bicycle-friendly city of Copenhagen will soon add some 400 BMW i3 electric cars to its options for more sustainable transportation. Similar DriveNow carshare fleets are in operation in Germany, the UK and the USA. What's unique about the Danish system is that the cars will be integrated into the Arriva public transit bus system, which is 50% owned by British Arriva PLC. According to the company, the I3 is "the world’s first automobile offering 'intermodal routing', i.e. the incorporation of public transport services into the navigation system’s route guidance in the car."

The Copenhagen project may be the first of its kind in what is developing into a transportation system that seeks to seamlessly blend various mobility options for individuals and groups, from bicycles to buses to shared electric cars, allowing people to tailor their travel options to their specific needs.

The 400 vehicle fleet will be commissioned on September 3, 2015. More details on the Copenhagen system can be found on the company website.

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