PHOTO CAPTION: Hiriko electric shared car developed by MIT with GM engineering assistance.

Are Bigger EVs Better?

Paul Willis speculates that the size of an electric-drive car may be a significant factor in what's selling and what's not.

Published: 26-Jul-2012

With rave reviews for its new sedan and visitors to its small collection of flagship stores numbering in the millions, Tesla Motors is riding high.

The California-based automaker released its hotly anticipated Model S luxury electric vehicle (EV) to a fanfare of publicity last month.

Although Tesla has not yet given figures for the Model S's first month of sales, the company anticipates selling 20,000 of them in 2013. Were this to happen, as well as being a massive shot in the arm for the U.S. EV industry, it would also raise some major questions about the future of EV technology.


Hamtramck assembly line worker checks Volt.

GM's newly reopened Detroit Hamtramck plant set to produce 5,000 Volts per month.

Chevrolet Volt battery pack is liquid cooled.

According to anonymous source, crystalized coolant allowed damaged cells to short circuit.

Chevrolet Volt structures would be made more crash resistant, despite already enjoying 5-star safety rating.

Proposed fixes include reinforcing battery back, strength body against side impacts and laminating circuitry.


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