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Energy efficiency is my main interest. I am a member of the I got my Tesla model 3 March 8th 2018 . I also have a 2016 Chevy Spark EV I call my Tesla Nano. I'm also getting a Mo 2 seat Velomobile in early 2019 . Tesla will make the model C compact in 2025 and I'll get it then. I live in a 4 kW solar grid tied home with solar hot water, solar tube and LED lights, Energy Star appliances that makes more than we use and try to live with little pollution and high efficiency. No Fossil Fuels at all. I believe we have to start making changes with ourselves and then the rest of the world will follow. Each person can make a difference.

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TOU Time Of USe

Does it matter when you charge your car?

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The Safest car made

Who makes the safest car? Are any cars really safe?

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Drive Electric Earth Day

Have you seen the Drive Electric Earth Day EVents?

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PUBLIC Charging AND your Electric Vehicle

What do we know about PUBLIC charging our Electric Vehicles?

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Do you know much about LEAD ACID BATTERIES. I think you need to know all about them.

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Incentives to buy are all wrong

The Federal Incentive for Electric Vehicles is all wrong

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What car will be the low cost leader that EVeryone owns?

What will be the new low cost leader of cars like the Beetle was in the 60's?

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What will happen in 2019 with Electric vehicles and Renewable Energy ?

The World is changing. Electric Vehicles and Renewable Energy have hit the main stream and are growing very fast. What do you think?

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The Female Point of view on Electric cars

EVeryone knows women look at things differently. So how do they feel about electric cars?

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This is why I drive White Electric cars

Why does the color of your car matter? Why do we have great Electric cars with Battery Thermal Management and terrible electric cars with no battery Thermal Management?

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GM part of the lost BIG 3

In the USA we used to have the BIG 3. It was GM,FORD and Chrysler. They have all cut back and are getting smaller.

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Gas vehicle pollution

car pollution, many think it's a far away problem that is not real. Just read the FACTS

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What's next for Electric Vehicles

Technology changes fast. What do you think is next for vehicles?

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Science Technology Engineering and Math

you have heard we need our schools to tech more STEM subjects so our children can have great jobs and change the World. Did you ever notice how Electric Vehicles cover these subjects?

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Tesla out sells them all

Tesla is the only real electric vehicle maker. All the others are just compliance.

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