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I am originially from England and worked for an automobile manufacturer in the Middle East for a time before eventually moving to Los Angeles where I would eventually found, allowing buyers to locate the electric car of their dreams. I am a firm believer that electric cars are the future of transportation

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Exclusive: The Electric Cars of the 2015 LA Auto Show

After Noel Adam's wife suffered a medical emergency while he was covering the LA Auto Show for EV World this year, he can now report on what he found as she is, gratefully, on the mend.

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Public Charger Protocol

The number of plug-in cars is growing at a much faster pace than the number of public charging stations so there is growing completion for the limited supply. To facilitate the use of these charging stations we need to have some guidelines so we can avoid conflict and maximize electric miles driven.

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Are Squatters Killing the Electric Dream?

It's called by various names: 'ICING', Squatting, but whatever you call the practice of leaving your plug-in car at a charge station dock AFTER it's been charged, is a huge discourtesy to your fellow EV driver.

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Ten Plug-In Cars You Can Drive Today

Hate going to the gas station every week, or fed up with watching gas pump sucks dollars out of your pocket? There's a solution... ten of them, actually.

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It's not easy making cars

Buiding cars has never been easy so it should come as no surpise that some EV carmakers don't make it and here's why.

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Charger Challenges

In some places, you'll find all of the public chargers occupied, while in others they appear to sit unused. The latter is not an excuse to second guess the wisdom of building out the infrastructure ahead of the cars.

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