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Born in Germany in 1947, my parents and I came to America in 1948. I grew up in Omaha, Nebraska and attended college in Texas and then in England. I spent ten years in the ministry and almost as many in the airline industry. I started an Internet business in 1993 and founded EV World in 1998. Now I am launching Quikbyke, a spin-off of EV World focused on the destination tourism market.

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EV Charging May Become Too Expensive

Albert Lierz recently tested two new Electrify America public charging stations near Omaha and in Lincoln, Nebraska and made a disappointing discovery.

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Are Autonomous Electric Cars the Answer

When the horseless carriage replaced the horse and carriage, it solved one problem (animal urine and solid waste) only to replace it with another (air pollution). As we stand on the cusp of a similar revolution, the shift from ICE to EV, will we find ourselves in the same conundrum?

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It's the Grid, Stupid!

The "dirty little secret" about electric cars is the "big dirty grid', folks.

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Rise of the EVisioneer

If you aren't following my @EVisioneer twitter feed then you're missing out on a lot of EV world-relevant links and information, most of which doesn't get posted on the website. Here's why...

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Surprise! Recharging an EV in India Might Be Greener Than America

When Mercedes-Benz India CEO, Roland Folger stated that electric cars in India could end up being dirtier than diesel or gasoline cars, that got me wondering about just how "dirty" Indian EVs would be. You may be surprised by what I found. I was.

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Do the Math Before You Believe the Anti-EV Propaganda

A cartoon comparing the emissions of an electric powered by a fossil fuel plant versus a diesel automobile appeared on the @evworldeditor Twitter feed. It totally mischaracterizes the emissions of the electric car; and here's the math to prove it.

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Who Do You Sell Cars To When Nobody's Buying?

40% of young adults 18-24 don't have driver's licenses today. Even fewer will need them in the future with the advent of on-demand autonomous vehicle fleets. What's that mean not only to the automotive industry, from OEMs, suppliers and car dealers, but also to the advertising industry?

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Electric Airliners Coming... But Who Will Fly Them?

Recently two startups, Wright Electric and Zunum Aero, along with Airbus have announced plans to develop all-electric short-haul commuter airliners, e-liners. But given the growing shortage of pilots, who will fly them?

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Toyota Real Electric Car Challenge

So, Toyota's decided to get back into the battery EV game yet again, but it may be a lot harder both in terms of competition and technology.

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With All Due Respect Sir, Fuel Cell Cars Are Still EVs

Are electric cars a technological dead end and are carmakers missing an opportunity by not working more aggressively to help the planet transition to a bright hydrogen-fueled future?

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How Online Shopping Is Propelling a Shift to Electric Vehicles

Parcel delivery and postal services in Europe are starting to replace their fossil-fueled vans and trucks with electric models to not only save money but also dramatically cut urban air pollution, which is being accelerated by the proliferation of e-commerce and online shopping.

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What An EV World Weekend!

While a 'gaggle' of open-wheel race cars are careening about the streets of central Paris, a solo pilot soars alone over the Pacific in a four-engined airplane; and what they all have in common is they all are battery-powered.

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Tesla Model 3: The Market Just Roared

As of Elon Musk's last tweet, Tesla had pre-orders for some 276,000 Model 3 electric sedans, but mine isn't one of them... yet.

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Candidly Bernie

The Young Turks' Cenk Uygur sits down just three days ago with U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, who is running to be the Democratic Party candidate for President of the United States, and asks him some very pointed questions about his campaign, especially the virtual media blackout on his rallies.

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Barbados and the Tide of Current American Politics

Party officials and political pundits have been caught off-guard by the totally unexpected rise of Donald Trump and Senator Bernie Sanders, but if they knew more about the history of Barbados, they wouldn't have been.

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