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Ed Benjamin is the Chairman of the Light Electric Vehicle Association ( and a contributor to Dr. Jamerson's Electric Bikes World Wide Reports. He also is a leading electric bicycle consultant.

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So Many eBike Brands!

Just a few short years ago, there were maybe a half-dozen major electric bicycle brands in the United States: iZip, Pedego, ProdecoTech, A2B. Now there are, quite literally, hundreds, most small importers seeking to carve a niche for themselves, usually with something customized for them in Asia, typically China or Taiwan. Here's what you need to know about the rapidly evolving world of electric bikes in America.

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Ebikes and “Quality”

The quality of a modern automobile has significantly improved over the past few decades largely due to global competition and technological advances. Now the same thing needs to happen to bicycles, especially electric-assist models.

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