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I hold a Ph.D. degree in Computer and Systems Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

After a career in computer programming, I have decided to also take up solving ground transportation problems by combining existing technologies into a system that can handle most inter-city transportation needs, displacing air, rail, and highway.

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Uncle Sam wants YOUR Ideas about the Future of Transportation

The Federal Department of Transportation (DoT) is asking the public for their (i.e. your) opinions about the future of transportation, in the United States, for the next thirty years (2015-2045).

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List of upcoming events (latest update June 25)

A list of upcoming events of interest to readers of EVWorld, including conferences, webinars, ride-and-drive events, and expositions. Also includes links to events and their sponsors.

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NJ Bill to Permit Direct Sales of Tesla and other ZEVs (updated 2015/03/19)

A NJ Assembly committee had a hearing today, June 5, on a bill that would allow Tesla and other makers of Zero-Emission Vehicles, to sell directly to the public, until ZEVs reach 4% of the total market.

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Photo-Blog: New York Auto Show 2014

A visit to the New York International Auto Show (NYIAS 2014) is described, with pictures and comments.

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How the Tragedy in the Bronx Would Not Have Happened with MagLev

This commentary discusses the various ways that use of Magnetic-Levitation (MagLev) in standard-speed rails could have avoided the the recent derailment of a commuter train in the Bronx, New York City.  It also discusses the technical aspects of adding Danby-Powell MagLev equipment to existing rails.

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hexOgrid Transportation Network

My previous two commentaries discussed the rivalry of MagLev vs. Hyperloop.  This discusses the shape of a grid to make MagLev work better by providing nearby service to everybody, and to give a smooth ride by limiting the acceleration (g-force) that the passengers feel.

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MagLev vs. Hyperloop — Technical Discussion

In which it may be possible to, in fact, blend the two technologies together, creating terrestrial 'wormholes,' not in space, but certainly in time.

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MagLev Vs Hyperloop

Part one of series on why Elon Musk and his new team should use MagLev technology instead of the proposed Hyperloop.

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