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John Gilkison is a professionally-trained astronomer who works for the New Mexico State University in Las Cruses. He chaired committee that wrote Las Cruces, NM Outdoor Lighting Ordinance in 1999, which was adopted in 2000. He incorporated the National Public Observatory ( 1999. He is keenly interested in aerodynamic improvements in vehicles.

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Our Tesla Model 3 with 440 miles of range blog was in error!

How mistakes were made mostly by me in projecting a range of 440 miles with an aerodynamically modified Tesla Model 3. The real range improvement is a more modest improvement to 350 miles at 70 mph. I will be publishing a new blog in a few days explaining the corrected math and the more realistic potential for range improvements with aerodynamics for a Tesla Model 3.

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A Tesla Model 3 with 440 miles of range?

How some modest aerodynamic improvements to the Tesla Model 3 could dramatically improve its range at highway speeds. Enough in fact to give a Tesla Model 3 with a 310 mile stated range 440 miles of range at 75 mph. Range improvements like this would also apply to the Mid-Range and Short Range versions of the Tesla Model 3.

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A Classic Ford Model T versus a Modern Electric Ford Model T

How swapping the engine and drive train of a classic Ford Model T could create a much better driving experience, save energy, and reduced emissions. This blog revisits Henry Ford's and Thomas Edison's idea of producing a electric Model T for the masses using modern technology and examines the benefits a modern electric drive train would bring to this classic car.

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City of Las Cruces, NM EV Editorial

City of Las Cruces needs Electric Vehicles is the title of my editorial in an attempt to address misunderstandings by the City of Las Cruces, NM (CLC) about electric vehicles and concerns by their service department that they will not be able to service them. We have power point presentations ready to go if called on to do a presentation for city officials.

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Electric Vehicles and the Urban Heat Island Effect

How much heat from ICE vehicles would it take to vaporize the water in a Olympic swimming pool, and how much heat would electric vehicles emit proportionally.

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The First Rule of Holes

How stop digging so fast on your way to stop digging.

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Tikopia IV is now Published

Regarding the content of our new book Tikopia IV which is now available at Amazon for $12.99. Our book is finally published. A Kindle version is also now available. A link has been added to a You Tube video I have posted on the book.

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Forget MPG and MPG-e

How turning a metric on its head may help us think about performance.

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The Quiet Revolution

A summery of a EV power point presentation I am working on and why I think electric vehicles are about to take over the marketplace over the next ten years.

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Internal Combustion versus Electric Drive

A brief review of the 2006 book "Internal Combustion" by Edwin Black and a energy density comparison of a Chevy Bolt V a 32 MPG Gasoline powered car.

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PHEV's are a Gateway Drug to BEV's

How our Plug in Hybrid Electric has addicted us to electric drive and how we plan on buy one as soon as it is practical for us because of our experiences.

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EV World Aeroworker Blogs made into a Book (available at Amazon)

A synopsis of the process of turning 12 years of blogging at EV World into book along with the inclusion of four feature article. The book "Driving on the Moon" and other musings has been posted at Amazon and is available in paperback and a Kindle version costing $12.95 and $7.95 respectively. It is my first published book, hopefully there will be more.

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In Defense of Left Leaning Liberal %$#@!@

How the political labels of Liberal/Conservative do not apply to the modern world.

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A 0.12 C Auto Body Shape and Video

Phil Knox tested a five foot long model of a 0.12 Cd Auto Body Shape at the Darko Wind Tunnel in Ogden, Utah on Friday September 15th, 2017 and it tested as advertised. We discuss the implications of this shape in this blog and in a video we shot in my garage on Tuesday September 26th, 2017 where we show the model

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Our Fossil Fueled Total Eclipse Vacation

A description of a 5th wheel trailer tow to Nebraska, South Dakota, and Wyoming from New Mexico to observe a Total Eclipse of the Sun and to take in some other tourist attractions. Total gasoline consumption, energy use, carbon emissions, and money cost are outlined in this unusual blog.

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