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Bolivian. I hold a Masters´in Agricultural and Applied Economics from the University of Minnesota and did Ph.D. studies in Economics at the New School for Social Research. My main interest now is in research on the economics of lithium, subject on which I have published a number of articles since 1992. Due to two main contributions to EV World.Com in 2008, I was invited to participate as a speaker at the inaugural Lithium Supply & Markets Conference held in January 2009 in Santiago, Chile.

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Can South America Capitalize on Its Lithium Reserves?

A few days ago, three well-known lithium experts, William Tahil (Meridian International Research, France), Juan Carlos Zuleta (Lithium Economics Analyst, Bolivia) and David Merriman (Roskill, UK) were invited by the Latin America Advisor to answer a comprehensive question on the future of lithium in South America. I hereby transcribe the report in its entirety with the corresponding permission of the Inter-American Dialogue.

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Is the Mixed Company of Bolivian Lithium Deposits with Germany "Submissive" and Illegal? (Part I)

This is the first of a series of contributions on the joint venture between Bolivian Lithium Deposits and ACI Systems from Germany to extract lithium hydroxide from Salar de Uyuni. It is aimed at describing at length what I have called Bolivia’s worst economic business in national history. In addition, it highlights the contrasting views of the two partners in terms of vision and scope of the new association. At last, it also shows a number of contradictions identified in their respective press releases with respect to Supreme Decree No. 3738 that officially establishes the new joint venture.

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Seeking Alpha Marketplace Roundtable Panel

Seeking Alpha just set up a Marketplace Roundtable Panel to discuss the direction of the Tech sector in which I participated to answer four questions. In my last two answers I specifically take up the issue of electrification in the global automotive industry and the crucial role that Tesla is likely to play in 2019 in this disrupting trend.

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A lousy lithium industrialization project in Bolivia

A reply to a newspaper columnist in Bolivia on the lithium industrialization project carried out by the government. It also describes the weaknesses of the mixed company the government is planning to consolidate with a German firm that has neither the technical nor the financial capacity to undertake the challenge of lithium industrialization in one of the countries holding the most lithium resources on earth.

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As Others Snub Bolivia’s Lithium, Will Morales’ Gamble on Germany Pay Off?

In a recent interview with Americas Quarterly, Juan Carlos Zuleta, Lithium Economics Analyst, discusses the recent decision by the Bolivian government to award German company ACI Systems the industrialization of lithium in the country.

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Positioned to profit from growing lithium demand

In a recent interview with Chemical Week, Juan Carlos Zuleta, Lithium Economics Analyst, provides an update on what’s going on with the lithium industry in Argentina, Chile and Bolivia.

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Expert warns Bolivia will not enter the new global energy mix with lithium

In a recent interview with the Spanish news agency EFE, Bolivian lithium expert, Juan Carlos Zuleta, warned that Bolivia will not be part of the new global energy mix with lithium because it has not been able to do things in time. He added that Bolivia is no longer the only leader in identified lithium resources in the world since beginning February this year it shares that place with Argentina. Lastly, he urged the Bolivian Government “to change the chip” consisting of Bolivia’s betting on development of magnesium as a main resource and lithium as secondary, something that, however, will involve additional work because it would require a lot of energy.

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Is the electric car threat to oil wildly overstated?

It has recently been argued that EVs are a myth and that there is no such thing as a threat of them to oil. In this blog I severely question these views and calls for a more responsible work on the part of the International Energy Agency (IEA) in charge of oil statistics in the world.

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Bolivia brimming with lithium ambition

A recent report on Bolivia’s lithium by Myles McCormick, published by Industrial Minerals (UK), including comments by Heiner Marx from K-UTEC (Germany), Brian Jaskula from USGS (USA), Oscar Ballivian, Bolivian geologist, and Juan Carlos Zuleta, lithium economics analyst.

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Korea says that Bolivia is missing an opportunity to sell lithium *

As the lithium market starts to boom, Bolivia is lagging behind other lithium producing countries. Bolivian news agency Erbol picked up some recent comments by the Korean embassador in La Paz regarding this seemingly missing opportunity for Bolivia. They also reflected the opinions of Juan Carlos Zuleta regarding a revolutionary technology to extract and process lithium developed by Posco, a well-known Korean firm that due to an impasse with the Bolivian government in 2012 failed to implement a project to produce lithium cathodes directly from Uyuni brines.

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Technology the key to newcomers in lithium?

A recent report on new lithium extraction technologies by Myles McCormick, published by Industrial Minerals (IM), including comments by Chris Berry, founder of House Mountain Partners and Juan Carlos Zuleta, lithium economics analyst.

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Lithium: An Increasingly Precious Metal?

A recent report on lithium published by The Economist gives additional support for my contention about the arrival of a new way of doing things in the world with lithium as its main element. But this development may have found Chile and Bolivia not ready to meet the market requirements which explains the present price climb and comparable projections for the near term.

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A Further View Of One Of The Reasons Why Tesla Is Not Going Wireless *

In this blog I present additional evidence for my contention that wireless battery charging is just around the corner and could have interesting implications on the lithium-ion battery market in the coming years.

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Will Wireless Hypercharging Be Used First/Soon in All-Electric Buses?

In this blog I argue that wireless hypercharging may make a lot of sense for all-electric buses. This would in turn pave the way for an accelerated transition towards electric propulsion in the world. Some implications of this interesting development would be: 1) More lithium is to be required; 2) Lighter materials might be searched for; and 3) mass commercialization of all-electric buses could be around the corner.

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Companies Seek New Lithium Opportunities in Chile

In this blog I republish an article by Adam Page from Industrial Minerals about the interest of the Chilean government and lithium producers in securing public-private partnerships as they seek to exploit the world’s largest lithium reserves, a move that appears to have brought optimism back to Chile’s mining sector.

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