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Born in Germany in 1947, my parents and I came to America in 1948. I grew up in Omaha, Nebraska and attended college in Texas and then in England. I spent ten years in the ministry and almost as many in the airline industry. I started an Internet business in 1993 and founded EV World in 1998. Now I am launching Quikbyke, a spin-off of EV World focused on the destination tourism market.

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OMG! America Hasn't Reached 1 Million Plug-In Cars

One of President Obama's stated goals during his first term was to see a million electric-drive cars on the nation's streets and roads by 2015. Well, that year's come and gone and we aren't even close. So..?

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2016: The Year of Quikbyke

For the better part of two years, we've been working on launching a spin-off of EV World called ePEDALER. In 2015, we changed the name, we raised private capital, and we won a matching grant to build our first prototype Quikbyke Q•pod electric bicycle rental kiosk. Now we're set, in 2016, to turn a dream into reality.

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Here's Why We Don't Endorse Electric Hoverboards

As the publisher of EV World I continually get emails from firms offering us hoverboards to sell to our readers. Here's why we don't.

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Quikbyke Begins Its MVP Journey

It's fairly easy to create a minimally viable product when you're talking software, but what's an MVP for a hardware-based service enterprise? Our Quikbyke startup is about to find out.

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Information 'Hiatus' Progress Report

The renovation of our new home is proceeding apace and we heard on that NeDED prototype grant.

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A Temporary Information Hiatus

EV World's publisher and 'chief bottle washer' just bought a new home, well not new, new, but newer and it needs a lot of TLC...

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Here's What Car Dealers Need to Tell You About Buying An Electric Car

Cheap gasoline prices appear to be driving the sales of larger, less fuel-efficient automobiles over spring and summer in the United States, with sales of hybrids and plug-ins slumping to a five-year low of just over 3 percent of total U.S. car fleet.

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I Meet J Mays

It's not all that often you get to meet a highly respected automotive designer, especially in Omaha, Nebraska, but last night, I got to hear and then meet one of the best.

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You're Powered By Coal, You Know That, Don't You?

The vanity license plate on our Prius reads 'LIVNG GRN', and that clearly pissed off the guy in the rusting red Dodge Ram pickup.

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Pity the NYPD

The city of New York, all five sprawling boroughs, has ordered its police department to crackdown on e-bike riders and the businesses who employ them. Lots of luck with that!

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Kickstarting Quikbyke with the Amazing Upcycle-Inspired K15

How Bill McDonough's 'The Upcycle' inspired me to find a way to build a more sustainable electric-assist bicycle and how it can help EV World launch its electric bicycle rental spin-off. Originally published on Mother Earth News.

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What A Week for Electric Flight!

With much of the world's attention focused on Andre Borschberg's record-setting flight in the Solar Impulse Si2 across the Pacific to Hawaii, four other pioneers completed their own aviation firsts with flights across the Alps and the English Channel.

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I Nearly Hit A Bicyclist: Why We Need B2V Now!

One of the reasons I decided to attend the 'Further with Ford 2015 - Silicon Valley' media event was to talk to Ford about bicycle-to-vehicle communications and then I nearly hit a woman cyclist.

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Crowdfunding Quikbyke Q•pod Job 1

Our electric bicycle spin-off is preparing to launch our first crowdfunding campaign to build our first rental 'pod' and here's a 3D wireframe version what it may look like.

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Networking the Power Grid

In the last 30 years we've gone from mainframes to Internet. Now it's time to do the same with electric power generation, which was Thomas Edison's original dream.

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