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Born in Germany in 1947, my parents and I came to America in 1948. I grew up in Omaha, Nebraska and attended college in Texas and then in England. I spent ten years in the ministry and almost as many in the airline industry. I started an Internet business in 1993 and founded EV World in 1998. Now I am launching Quikbyke, a spin-off of EV World focused on the destination tourism market.

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You're Powered By Coal, You Know That, Don't You?

The vanity license plate on our Prius reads 'LIVNG GRN', and that clearly pissed off the guy in the rusting red Dodge Ram pickup.

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Pity the NYPD

The city of New York, all five sprawling boroughs, has ordered its police department to crackdown on e-bike riders and the businesses who employ them. Lots of luck with that!

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Kickstarting Quikbyke with the Amazing Upcycle-Inspired K15

How Bill McDonough's 'The Upcycle' inspired me to find a way to build a more sustainable electric-assist bicycle and how it can help EV World launch its electric bicycle rental spin-off. Originally published on Mother Earth News.

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What A Week for Electric Flight!

With much of the world's attention focused on Andre Borschberg's record-setting flight in the Solar Impulse Si2 across the Pacific to Hawaii, four other pioneers completed their own aviation firsts with flights across the Alps and the English Channel.

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I Nearly Hit A Bicyclist: Why We Need B2V Now!

One of the reasons I decided to attend the 'Further with Ford 2015 - Silicon Valley' media event was to talk to Ford about bicycle-to-vehicle communications and then I nearly hit a woman cyclist.

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Crowdfunding Quikbyke Q•pod Job 1

Our electric bicycle spin-off is preparing to launch our first crowdfunding campaign to build our first rental 'pod' and here's a 3D wireframe version what it may look like.

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Networking the Power Grid

In the last 30 years we've gone from mainframes to Internet. Now it's time to do the same with electric power generation, which was Thomas Edison's original dream.

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Adam Jonas and the End of Automobile Ownership

Morgan Stanley analyst Adams Jonas sees two trends, one technological and other sociological that are about to totally disrupt the $10 trillion dollar mobility industry.

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Why You May Want an eBike In the Boot

It's not a new idea putting a folding bike in the boot of an automobile, but it has always seemed more a marketing gimmick than filling a true customer need. Then I had to attend two back-to-back meetings in separate parts of town.

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The Street, the Cloud, and the Connected Electric Bicycle

From Ford Motor Company's pronouncements in Barcelona, it's obvious they see the electric bicycle as an increasingly important element in urban mobility. So maybe now is the time to start a serious conversation about their future in the city, a future of where connected ebikes are moving a healthier population.

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Democracy and LB 95

Two bills were up for a vote in a predominately Republican-controlled state legislature: one would require photo ID in order to vote, the second would allow electric bicycles on public trails. One passed this week, the other got buried. Guess which one is now set to become the law in Nebraska?

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Why'd America Miss Its Million EV Mark?

There are some 280,000 plug-in cars on the roads of America, according to the EDTA, but that's 720,000 cars short of President Barack Obama's 2011 State of the Union goal of a million. What happen and who's to blame?

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A Solar Journey Into Indian Country

The job was supposed to take just an hour or so to finish hooking up the new 23kW solar array on the roof of the Winnebago, Nebraska police department. It would take much, much longer.

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Single In America: Owning a New Car Ain't What It Used To Be

In only one American city can the average family actually afford to buy a new car, and for an increasing number of us, owning a shiny new automobile isn't the attraction it once was.

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Electric Street Cars, Saloons and Old City Maps

Building the first streetcar system west of the Mississippi wasn't easy in the wake of a civil war in a struggling riverfront town known for its rowdiness, and then someone had the bright idea to electrify it.

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