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Energy efficiency is my main interest. I am a member of the and leased a 2015 SOUL EV with a battery that died in the HEAT. I got my Tesla model 3 March 8th 2018 . I'm also getting a Mo 2 seat Velomobile in LATE 2018. I live in a 4 kW solar grid tied home with solar hot water, solar tube and LED lights, Energy Star appliances that makes more than we use and try to live with little pollution and high efficiency. I believe we have to start making changes with ourselves and then the rest of the world will follow. Each person can make a difference.

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the Saturn EV1

Chevy missed the best car and drive train. Now they are trying to catch up but don't see the charging network as needed.

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Automakers all going Electric

many automakers have announced they are going electric

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Disney Magic Tesla Magic

Both Disney and Tesla have changed the world after many doubted them and were sure they would fail.

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Being 1st is not always the best

Some companies have been 1st with Electric Vehicles but maybe not the best.Being the 1st doesn't mean your the best.

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What will TESLA do next?

Tesla is leading with the most and best electric vehicles. What will they do next?

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Tesla model 3 is here and changes EVerything

The new $35K 220 miles on a charge Tesla model 3 is now being made and delivered. This is more than just a new Electric car. read and see why.

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1,2,3 Tesla owns the market now

Who really understands the complete Electric vehicle market ?

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Real Freedom July 4th

what is the real meaning of the 4th of July for you?

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Tesla on the Racing Circuit

Why isn't Tesla on the racing circuit ? What do we learn from racing? Who races?

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MRSP discounts and the most efficient vehicles

What factors do you use when buying a new vehicle

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Toyota and other companies Blinked

Some automakers have not kept up. The progress is very fast and if they Blink a new Super Star comes up. The Hyundai IONIQ Hybrid is out now and is the most efficient Hybrid ever made. It has a few other World leading items too.

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Emissions by the TON

Vehicles and power plants powered by Fossil Fuels all make emissions. Lots of it. How long will we keep doing that?

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QUIET or LOUD which is more dangerous

quiet cars, loud cars and motorcycles, dangerous, the blind, the elderly

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Electric Bicycle EXPO

Electric bicycles are catching on all over the World.

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the Tesla ERA , FEB 2017

Tesla,Renewable, Advanced Batteries, Solar PV, Powerwall,PowerPack, Self Driving,safest

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