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Energy efficiency is my main interest. I am a member of the and now lease a 2015 SOUL EV. I placed an order for a Tesla model 3 . I'm also getting a Mo 2 seat Velomobile in 2017. I live in a 4 kW solar grid tied home with solar hot water, solar tube and LED lights, Energy Star appliances and try to live with little pollution and high efficiency. I believe we have to start making changes with ourselves and then the rest of the world will follow. Each person can make a difference.

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Vehicle LIFE and DEATH in the 21st century

Vehicles take a lot of material and energy to make and operate

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a PARABLE about a green boy

a parable about how to live in an EV World

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Your car stinks

Cars stink. Just ask Clara FORD

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Lifetime batteries

Lithium batteries keep getting better. Did you know some last a very long time? Did you know about some that last a lifetime and some even have a lifetime warranty? They just keep getting better and lower in cost. It's like the Moore's Law of batteries.

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MPG is so last century

Measuring a vehicles by Miles Per Gallon is so last century. In fact it could be our LAST century. A vehicle running on FUEL like gas, NG and Diesel is just way to inefficient and makes deadly pollution for and our World.

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So Called Fast Charging

EVeryone is in a hurry so the Faster the charge the better. There are a few different standards for Fast Charging. Some call it level 3 charging but it's technically Level 2 DC charging which is faster.

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The public charging units from many companies help us all drive cleaner and farther. We need to know how they work and thank the owners who add this ability where we shop and work. If we understand how they work we can make it even better.

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Some of the most important Electric Vehicle features

What options should you check on a new or used Electric Vehicle before you buy it? Choosing the right vehicle for the job is KEY

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The LABS Argonne, Berkeley National and Bell Labs

The KEY to a clean future in batteries. How can we be the leaders in this area ? Read the book the POWERHOUSE by Steve Levine and you will see how we already are leading. In FACT Tesla is doing EVerything right in and EV World.

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Earth Day 2015

earth day should help us be green and clean every day. It's using Renewable Energy, being efficient and wasting less as we also recycle.

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What’s it worth? I’d say priceless =D-----

Advances in technology can save the world. I think we are finally making progress that has been held back for many years. The Electric vehicle is leading the way.

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The 21st Century is showing Earth changing progress

clean energy and storage for clean transportation is growing very fast.

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EV1 missed a great opportunity

When General Motors decided to build an electric car in the late 1980s, they made a fateful decision that doomed the EV1 to eventual extinction as a clean, green, electric machine.

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ISIS is Power by OIL

OIL, ISIS, pollution, long term outlook,sustainable

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Some automakers with NO VISION for Electric Vehicles

Just about every automaker has a 100% electric. A few don't . Will they change ? Will they fail? We will see.

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