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John Gilkison is a professionally-trained astronomer who works for the New Mexico State University in Las Cruses. He chaired committee that wrote Las Cruces, NM Outdoor Lighting Ordinance in 1999, which was adopted in 2000. He incorporated the National Public Observatory ( 1999. He is keenly interested in aerodynamic improvements in vehicles.

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Electric Car Road Use Taxes are Regressive

How extra yearly registration fees for electric cars is clearly a regressive tax probably designed to suppress the market for them and does not fairly solve the gasoline tax revenue shortfall for maintaining the roads and highways.

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500 MPG, I Think Not!

How PHEV's are capable of much high efficiency performance then the on board internal combustion engine because of the electric drive train.

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Reducing our Personal Carbon Footprint

How in the period of a little over four years we reduced our personal yearly carbon footprint by about 80%, or by at least 60% including some planned RV trips over the next few years.

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Tikopia IV or how to save civilization

How could a industrial based civilization become sustainable on a small rocky planet like Earth.

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Shoveling Sunshine

About the purchase of our new 2015 Ford C Max Energi PHEV and an analysis of the limited data I have on a 1,700 plus trip to Oklahoma and Texas from New Mexico. Also included is an analysis of a recent local driving return.

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100 MPH and 100 MPGe

How a Cd = 0.12 body form for a Chevy Bolt world result in a 186 MPGe Hwy vehicle that would still be capable of getting over 100 MPGe at 100 MPH with S rated tires and a electric overdrive.

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Nissan Leaf Test Drive

Data gathered on a Nissan Leaf before considering a lease.

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The Jevons Paradox Asteroid

How the Jevons Paradox is contextual and represents an asteroid headed strait for humanity and human extinction if we don't change the context.

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Is Our Situation Dire, or is it Over

How some Near Tern Human Extinction people are saying there is nothing we can do to fix the predicament we are in so we should stop trying. In this blog I am pointing how from a cost point of view alone we should not abandon the quest to switch to renewable energy, energy efficiency, and reducing our impact on the planet even if it will not make a difference in the end. Besides there is a philosophical component to at least acting like or trying to be a man even in our last hours.

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Self Induced Coma

How world views affect the ability of the believers to perceive reality as it relates to climate change or anything else that conflicts with the foundation of their belief premises.

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Planet 2.0 ?

On the search for planets with the capability to support life in the galaxy and how we may find them but the human race will go extinct before we can ever develop space faring capabilities.

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LED Street Lighting Color Temperature Problem

How I discovered the push for LED street lighting could undo our outdoor lighting ordinance which restricts light to the night sky.

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Retrofiting To L.E.D's

Changing out my CF-L's to LED's

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A Tragedy of The Horizon

How Climate Change is not just a tragedy of the commons.

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Test Driving Two Plug In Hybrids

On Oct 1st my wife and I test drove a Ford C-Max and a Chevy Volt plug in hybrid electric car. Some of my impressions and thoughts on the two vehicles are in this blog.

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