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Bolivian. I hold a Masters´in Agricultural and Applied Economics from the University of Minnesota and did Ph.D. studies in Economics at the New School for Social Research. My main interest now is in research on the economics of lithium, subject on which I have published a number of articles since 1992. Due to two main contributions to EV World.Com in 2008, I was invited to participate as a speaker at the inaugural Lithium Supply & Markets Conference held in January 2009 in Santiago, Chile.

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Taran`s Questions about Bolivia`s Lithium

In this blog I answer a few simple questions on Bolivia´s lithium formulated by Taran, a Grade 8 student at Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools in Canada. They have to do with the resources and the political situation regarding the extraction of lithium. I have since included some postscripts with some of my more elaborated views on the subject.

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Nuclear Fusion

In a recent interview with David Letterman, Jamie Edwards, a 13 year old boy from England informs that he was able to build a nuclear fusion reactor at his school. Notwithstanding the fact that this represents an amazing result for a kid of that age, there might be more to this incredible tale. It, together with other recent developments in the electric car industry, could be an indication that, contrary to a previous supposition of mine, we might indeed be witnessing right now the inauguration of the lithium era in the world.

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Is this the end of lithium?

Bolivia and the world have both much to lose with Toyota´s announcement that later this month it will unveil its first mass-produced fuel cell electric car to be introduced into the market in 2015. But this doesn’t necessarily mean the end of lithium in the world.

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What’s Behind GM’s Decision to Drop Li-ion Batteries from its 2014 Malibu Hybrid?

GM’s decision not to use Li-ion batteries in its 2014 Malibu hybrid has nothing to do with a displacement of lithium by lead. It pertains to ambivalence of its electrification strategy.

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Tesla’s Super-Duper Charging: How about Going Wireless?

In this blog I ask myself whether we won’t need to wait for the arrival of “the next best thing” (i.e. metal-air batteries) to be part of the electric car revolution in the world.

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Better Place and Li-ion Battery Technological Development

Better Place’s approach was flawed. It relied on failure of all battery/EV makers to bring soon enough and at reasonable prices the appropriate batteries to the market. Contrary to other analyst’s suppositions, Li-ion battery technological development occurred much sooner than expected bringing down battery prices and opening the way towards an ineluctable EV world.

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Will Bolivia Ever Become the New Saudi Arabia of Lithium in the World?

A new review of the facts surrounding Bolivia’s possibility of becoming the new Saudi Arabia of lithium in the World depicts a rather pessimistic short-term prospect for the country holding at least one fourth of the planet´s identified lithium resources.

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The White Gold - Lithium *

A recent report on lithium by Caroline Risacher from Bolivian Express, Bolivia´s major English language publication, based on an interview to EVWorld contributor Juan Carlos Zuleta.

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Mining in Bolivia: New Hopes or Frustrations?

The recent inauguration of the lithium carbonate pilot plant in Uyuni has prompted a new critical analysis of Bolivia´s most strategic project pointing to possible meager results after almost five years of experimental work.

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Lithium Production in Uyuni

A recent announcement by the government of Bolivia that it will increase potassium chloride production capacity in the lithium pilot plant prompts some necessary comments

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Will the Lithium Pilot Project Be Able to Honor its Debt to the Central Bank?

It seems like problems continue at the lithium pilot project plant in Bolivia. In a recent interview, the head of the endeavour said that he has not been able to produce one single ounce of anything but he is already paying a debt to the Central Bank.

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Can Bolivia produce electric vehicles? *

Two days ago, University del Valle at Cochabamba, Bolivia announced that in 10 months will start producing electric cars in Bolivia. This blog is about this surprising news from the country that holds the most lithium on earth.

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Bolivian lithium production moves forward on South Korea jv

A recent report on Bolivian lithium by Jonathan Dyson, published by Industrial Minerals, based on interviews to the manager of the division that deals with lithium extraction at Comibol, the head of economy and commerce at the South Korean embassy in Bolivia, and Juan Carlos Zuleta, lithium economics analyst.

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How Novel is the Bolivian Process to Extract Lithium?

In this blog I explain why the so-called Bolivian process to extract lithium may be a partial copy of a new method to recover lithium from Salar de Uyuni brines developed by South Korea.

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Lithium: The fallacy of fallacies *

Juan Carlos Zuleta's response to two articles published in March by the head of the lithium pilot project in Bolivia.

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