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EV World commentator since 2005. Mr. Lado was a former board member of the Electric Automobile Association (EAA).

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THE FUTURE AUTOMOBILE (Part 5) American Steam/Electrics/Hybrids

An American makes the first automobile in 1865. Electric vehicles come to the fore and hybrids make everything possible.

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From steam boats, to steam locomotives, to steam tractors and more, steam was adapted to every type, shape and form of vehicle imaginable.

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Historically steam powered automobiles predate the internal combustion vehicle by more than a century.

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This is an update/rewrite of my MBA thesis that observed in the early 2000'nds the coming technological change to alternatively fueled vehicles.

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A study into the technology of zero and low emission alternative transportation, its technological origins, the current state of technology and its feasible future.

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No, No, You Deserve an Electric Car

Just pointing out some things that make plug-in electric vehicles desirable.

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Gold, like oil, can suddenly drop in value based on economic conditions.

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The Chevy Volt Punch List

A punch list is a list of things to finish on a construction site. The Volt punch list is a list of things to improve upon.

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Oil Alterantives are Now Needed

More oil production and efficiency have not worked to lower gas prices. Alternatives will.

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EVs, Not Your Father's Energy Thinking

Electric cars allow us to think differently about what is energy.

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Will EVs mean that mechanics will loose their jobs?

The better way to answer the question is that plug-in electric vehicles will shift work from those mechanics that only know how to work on internal combustion engines (ICE) to those mechanics that know about both electric motors and internal combustion engines and how they work together in a hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicle.

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The Birth of My Activism

I joined the movement to save the EV1 not physically, but in spirit and on the Internet.

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Sightseeing without Gas in a Volt - Joseph Lado

Joe Lado's takes a sightseeing trip to the very limit of his electric range of his Chevy Volt.

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One Month on 1.3 Gallons of Gas - Joseph Lado

Owning a new Volt provides new experiences for those of us who are adopting new transportation technology on the bleeding edge.

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EV Writer's Block - Joseph Lado

What is an EV writer/activist to do now that all he has worked for has come to fruition?

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