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Born in Germany in 1947, my parents and I came to America in 1948. I grew up in Omaha, Nebraska and attended college in Texas and then in England. I spent ten years in the ministry and almost as many in the airline industry. I started an Internet business in 1993 and founded EV World in 1998. Now I am launching Quikbyke, a spin-off of EV World focused on the destination tourism market.

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Adam Jonas and the End of Automobile Ownership

Morgan Stanley analyst Adams Jonas sees two trends, one technological and other sociological that are about to totally disrupt the $10 trillion dollar mobility industry.

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Why You May Want an eBike In the Boot

It's not a new idea putting a folding bike in the boot of an automobile, but it has always seemed more a marketing gimmick than filling a true customer need. Then I had to attend two back-to-back meetings in separate parts of town.

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The Street, the Cloud, and the Connected Electric Bicycle

From Ford Motor Company's pronouncements in Barcelona, it's obvious they see the electric bicycle as an increasingly important element in urban mobility. So maybe now is the time to start a serious conversation about their future in the city, a future of where connected ebikes are moving a healthier population.

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Democracy and LB 95

Two bills were up for a vote in a predominately Republican-controlled state legislature: one would require photo ID in order to vote, the second would allow electric bicycles on public trails. One passed this week, the other got buried. Guess which one is now set to become the law in Nebraska?

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Why'd America Miss Its Million EV Mark?

There are some 280,000 plug-in cars on the roads of America, according to the EDTA, but that's 720,000 cars short of President Barack Obama's 2011 State of the Union goal of a million. What happen and who's to blame?

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A Solar Journey Into Indian Country

The job was supposed to take just an hour or so to finish hooking up the new 23kW solar array on the roof of the Winnebago, Nebraska police department. It would take much, much longer.

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Single In America: Owning a New Car Ain't What It Used To Be

In only one American city can the average family actually afford to buy a new car, and for an increasing number of us, owning a shiny new automobile isn't the attraction it once was.

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Electric Street Cars, Saloons and Old City Maps

Building the first streetcar system west of the Mississippi wasn't easy in the wake of a civil war in a struggling riverfront town known for its rowdiness, and then someone had the bright idea to electrify it.

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Same Passion, Same Mission, New Vision

On January 1st, EV World will be 17 years old. Hybrids cars are now commonplace. You can buy or lease electric hybrids and all-electric models across most of the USA. We are becoming an EV world, so now it's time for a new vision.

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Yes Virginia, Electric Cars Really Are a Better Solution to Pollution

To read the headlines appearing in the wake of the latest university study on electric cars, you'd have to conclude only a giant meteor strike would be worse for the planet.

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Ten Trends in the Future of Mobility

You're a college student studying automotive mechanics or renewable energy technology. You have 40-50 year future ahead of you but the landscape is undergoing tectonic shifts beneath you. What's driving it and how should you respond?

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Are Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars for Real This Time?

The debut of Toyota's Mirai hydrogen fuel cell car has the media buzzing with UK's The Guardian newspaper proclaiming it's the company's next Prius. At $57,500, it's nearly 3x what the original Prius cost when it was introduced in December 1997. But is sticker price the only obstacle?

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Poll Finds 84% Plan to Buy Electric Car in Next 24 Months

Pundits worry that the drop in gasoline prices at the pump in America, now below $3 a gallon, will hurt electric car sales, but EV World readers appear unfazed and most are planning to buy an EV in the next 24 months.

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Shifting EV World Gears

Judging by the lack of new news items, you'd think the staff - me - at EV World was on holiday ('vacation' to us Yanks) last week. We'll 'we' did take a break of sorts, but not from work. In fact, we're in the process of shifting gears: moving more towards manipulating molecules instead of just electrons.

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Me, My E-Bike and My GoPro Camera

I've been intrigued by the video being shot with the tiny GoPro camera and then I saw the remarkable HD footage shot from the beak of a pelican at InterBike 2014 last month. So I bought one via an eBay auction with the aim of building an electric bicycle tour business. Here's the result of the first shoot.

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