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Born in Germany in 1947, my parents and I came to America in 1948. I grew up in Omaha, Nebraska and attended college in Texas and then in England. I spent ten years in the ministry and almost as many in the airline industry. I started an Internet business in 1993 and founded EV World in 1998. Now I am launching Quikbyke, a spin-off of EV World focused on the destination tourism market.

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Three Reasons Tesla Picked Nevada for Gigafactory

Besides the usual factors like economic incentive packages and relative proximity to its California operations, renewable energy resources could have been the deal clincher for Nevada getting the Gigafactory, and one of them in particular.

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What the H-E-Double Hockey Stick Is Up with Time?

Is there some agenda at work over at Time magazine to undermine the transition to a cleaner, greener transportation system. These recent two inflammatory headlines would argue there is.

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Beijing's Dramatic Start to FIA Formula E Electric Race Series

The race now has been run and the winner declared. FIA Formula E's inaugural electric car race is now a part of history, and what a spectacular start to the ten city series.

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Wind Turbine Syndrome: Sleepless in Wisconsin

Ask people in Wisconsin if wind farms are deleterious to public health and 21% will fervently agree that they are. Yet on the other side of the Mississippi River in Iowa, only 7% think wind turbine syndrome is a problem. Why the divergent views? The answer may surprise you.

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Hydrogen Ballot Stuffing: A Postscript

After resetting the July ePoll on hydrogen fuel cells versus batteries in electric vehicles, the result are in and they are pretty much what I expected.

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How Helsinki Plans to Make Cars Redundant by 2025

While there's lots of chatter about car-free cities of the future, Helsinki, Finland is aggressively planning to make cars unnecessary for its residents by 2025. Here's what other cities can learn, including my own hometown of Omaha.

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Debunking Peak Oil Debunkers

There are certain inconvenient truths that way too many of us would like to ignore. Peak oil is one of those geophysical facts of life that we wish very much would just go away. It won't, so we use the second oldest trick in the book to ignore it: denial.

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Robots 'Stuffed' the Hydrogen Ballot Box

On further investigation, it turns out that the curious skewing of our July reader poll on the future of hydrogen fuel cells, was deliberate; likely not by humans, some living in the troubled eastern regions of Ukraine, but by mindless computer code.

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Stuffing the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Ballot Box?

A quarter of the way through the month of July and we already have nearly 3,000 votes cast in our ePoll about the future of hydrogen fuel cells versus batteries, and the results, to date, raise some serious questions about possible ballot stuffing. UPDATE: Unless EV World has a huge following in Amsterdam, Brisbane, and Montevideo, Mexico, our polls have, in fact, been hacked. More to come.

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Does Peugeot's 2008 HYbrid Air Really 'Run' on Air?

There's a lot of chatter on the 'Net lately about PSA Peugeot Citroen's HYbrid Air car. Headlines claim it 'runs on air'. But does it really?

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Hurricanes and Gasoline Cars Don't Mix, Either!

If a hurricane is bearing down on your city and you're ordered to evacuate, will that electric car leave you stranded alongside of the road?

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Is Tesla Planning to Produce Dual-Carbon Lithium Batteries?

It's been little noted that the scientist leading the research into the Power Japan Plus 'dual carbon' lithium battery also happens to be the same gentleman who helped develop Tesla's battery pack. Could this be the chemistry behind Elon Musk's ambitious Gigafactory plans?

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Don't Confuse Me With the Facts… I'll Only Short Circuit

When the HAL 9000 super computer was fed contradictory, conflicting information, it responding by killing the crew members it was responsible for protecting because it lacked one key factor in its neural programming: empathy.

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Insanity is Doing the Same Thing Over and Over and...

The Chinese are building cities no one lives in and the West is building millions of cars no one is buying. This isn't just nuts, its insane!

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Will Technology Save Us?

That's the question a young man asked Heidi Lubin at Big Omaha this week. Her answer reflects the thought she's already given it long before he asked.

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