EV World seeks to enrich the understanding of its readers, as well as promote the advancement of clean, sustainable, efficient and safe forms of personal and mass transportation. In addition to focusing on the vehicles themselves, which includes bicycles, cars, buses, light rail, ships and planes, we also investigate the complex web of issues that surround the technology and the energy that propels it.

Because many forms of advanced electric-drive technology are frequently considered disruptive, there are often strong political, regulatory and sociological overtones associated with their adaptation. Progressive governments often find it necessary to provide moral, financial and technical support to firms and organizations developing, testing and deploying these advanced technologies, which just as often generates public controversary and debate.

EV World touches on all these issues. We are looking for well-researched and well-written articles about the people and the technology empowering the "EV Revolution." These can include strong opinion pieces, as well as in-depth interviews with individuals and profiles of companies. We are also interested in "How To" features for "Do-It-Yourself" enthusiasts and reviews of EV products.

Send us articles that enlighten, inform and challenge our readers, but be sure you understand our readers' concerns and interests. If you're new to EV World, be sure to become familiar with the site and our content first.

Feel free to email us completed manuscripts or articles, as well as inquiries about potential topics. We are looking for material that is 600-1500 words in length. If possible, any accompanying digital images should be resized to 72dpi and no larger than 1600x1200 pixels in size, although we can accept higher resolutions and formats.

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