Tesla P85D Blows Away Dodge Challenger Hellcat

Tesla Model S P85D, for dual motor, humiliates 2015 707 HP Dodge Challenger Hellcat during drag races where, in the process, the Model S set a new quarter mile world record for a production electric car. A rematch is reportedly being set up since Dodge driver was new to the track.

Why Hybrid Electric Aircraft Make Sense

With Boeing Aircraft as their sponsor, this engineering team at Cambridge University in England is testing the feasibility of hybrid-electric aircraft using a Song SSDR motorglider as their testbed, operating out of Sywell Aerodrome, Northampton.

SNEAK PEEK: 2016 Chevrolet Volt Interior Test Ride

GM's Mark Reuss and Volt chief engineer Andrew Farah go for spin in next generation Chevrolet Volt, giving a preview of its interior and hinting as improved EV-mode driving range.

FIA Formula E - Round Three

Third round of 2014 FIA Formula E electric car race in Punte del Este, Uruguay

It Takes LOTS of Electricity to Make Gasoline

Fully Charged host Robert Llewellyn illustrates one of the least known facts about refining oil into motor fuels: the enormous amount of electricity it takes. This is a must watch, folks.