The Ultimate Drag Race

Energica Ego electric superbike, which just received NHTSA and EPA certification for sale in the United States, goes up against other motorcycles and a couple Tesla EVs and pretty much smokes them all. Now lets see them take on Lightning Motocycles.

Complexity and the Law of Diminishing Returns

Academician and author Richard Heinberg appears in this Post Carbon Institute's documentary short on the law of diminishing returns and how it is a mistake to 'double down' on complexity as the solution to rising economic and environmental problems.

The Burden: How the US Military is Fighting to Get Off Fossil Fuels

Trailer to new Roger Sorkin documentary on the roll the U.S. military is playing in researching and testing alternative energy systems as it seeks to move beyond petroleum.

BMW 1602e: Ancestor of the i3

Revealed briefly for the 1972 Summer Olympic Games in Munich, the BMW 1603 electric car prototype pioneered the German carmaker's interest in zero emission technology, now manifest in the i3.

Introducing London's All-Electric New Metro Cab

Cab drivers and customers express their opinions about driving and riding in the New Metro Cab, an updated, all-electric version of the iconic black taxis of London.