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Avatr to Build High-Voltage Fast Charging Network With BP in China

05 Aug 2022 | Abstracted from Pandaily

Avatr, an electric vehicle brand backed by Changan Automobile, Huawei and CATL, will join hands with BP to build a high-voltage fast charging network that will be implemented in first-tier Chinese cities as soon as this year.

"he power of a single station can reach 480kW, the maximum power of a single charging gun can reach 240kW, and the battery life can reach 200 kilometers after charging for 10 minutes."

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Local Seashore EV Owners Have No Range Anxiety

05 Aug 2022 | Abstracted from The Sandpaper

Road Trips Aren't Out of the Question

"...there are valid reasons for range anxiety. Still, two local EV owners aren't concerned at all..potential EV buyers in New Jersey should be happy about...Wawa opened its 50th DC fast charging site across its entire six-state area..and is expected to exceed 1 million EV charging sessions within weeks."

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New Zealand Has Launched a Plan to Prepare for Inevitable Climate Change Impacts: 5 Areas Where the Hard Work Starts Now

05 Aug 2022 | Abstracted from The Conversation

"Its goals are utterly compelling: reduce vulnerability, build adaptive capacity and and strengthen resilience."

" "At times government will be only one of several parties involved and won't be in a position to enable or guide conflict resolution. For this, we'll have to develop institutional processes and capabilities to facilitate independent mediated negotiation solutions for escalating climate conflicts."

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GM Will Make Electric Corvettes In Many Shapes and Sizes: Report

05 Aug 2022 | Abstracted from Gizmodo

"...first electric Corvette we’ll actually see - likely next year, based on comments GM President Mark Reuss made to CNBC in April - will actually be a sedan, intended to compete with the Porsche Taycan. This four-door 'Vette will supposedly be derived from the architecture that makes the Cadillac Celestiq possible.

"a Corvette “family” of vehicles... seems GM has green-lit the brand's expansion..."

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One Year In: Biden's Executive Order on Clean Cars & Trucks

05 Aug 2022 | Abstracted from NRDC

"Since ['Strengthening American Leadership in Clean Cars and Trucks'] declaration a year ago, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Department of Transportation (DOT) have acted on some of these orders, delivering re-strengthened emissions and fuel efficiency standards for cars and light trucks, and beginning the process of enacting stronger emissions standards for medium- and heavy-duty trucks.

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