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The Insane Engineering Behind the Lilium eVTOL Jet

"...more than 80% of the leading evtol companies are using conventional open propellers as the main propulsion system.

"Lilium, instead, has developed a novel electric ducted jet engine that integrates smartly with the wings of the aircraft. The success of this powerful technology not only will allow Lilium to achieve all the performance objectives of the flight profile, but also could help the aviation industry in the transition to affordable emission-free intercity air travel."

TIME: 11:44

Electric Car vs Gasoline Car - Shocking Cost Comparison - 2022 Mini Cooper SE EV

Andy's Computer compares the financial aspect of buying and running an electric car. While EV's are not necessarily suitable for everyone's needs or situation, if they are a possibility, is it wise to buy on over its gasoline counterpart? Spoiler: Mini EV costs save multiple thousands of dollars over gasoline version.

TIME: 21:54

Why Not New Nuclear Power?

Mark Jacobson, energy scientist and professor from Stanford University, gives a brilliant synopsis of the reasons why nuclear power can’t help solve the climate crisis and even makes the problem worse.

TIME: 6:15

Battery Swapping Hitting Tipping Point in China

Excepted from longer Autoline video noting that Nio alone has some 900 battery swapping stations in China with more companies either already offering the service or coming on line shortly, which may force any carmaker offering EVs in the country to adapt their models... are you listening Tesla?

TIME: 1:30

Official Unveil of Nissan's All-New, All-Electric Miinivehicle

Nissan unveils its latest EV, a minivehicle that aims to redefine the popular car category in Japan. The minivehicle offers the instant acceleration, smooth driving and cabin quietness characteristic of EVs, along with a variety of advanced technologies, including driver assistance. Closed caption in English available

TIME: 48:50


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