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What Real Vision Looks Like

BYLINE: Fritz Maffrey

The basics of the case
Musk is being sued based on the premise that he gifted a high valuation to Solar City related to the merger. The lawsuit implies that Musk had undue influence and the merger should never have happened. Of course in this complex game sometimes the opposition just wants to trip up a great man. If you were really following details back at the time leading up to the merger you would know the "vision" of musk has included solar all along as the preferred energy source to really drive environmental improvement.

Musk actually made the case to the board on the integrated triad of energy production via renewables, energy storage, and electric vehicles. It was a true visionary plan and somewhat simple in its emphasis if not execution. I had come to similar conclusions that the combination was of great promise. Also, to expect too much collaboration without profit for Solar City, it just didn't have the required incentives for aligned collaboration. Musk bought, only the future indicated that the price might be high. Of course the price of Tesla stock is high too.

Tech visionaries would not scoff at the price for strategic purpose. Of course it helped that he knew organizational integration would not be a problem like it is in so many mergers. Musk made a point of excluding himself from the specific meetings of final deliberation, to let the board do what they do without his presence.

Musk shows Nepal how you build real energy resilience, and it is distributed solar
The fundamental combination of solar has been a key driver in Musk's intentions. As I have for more than a decade highlighted the solar charging mode is at the heart of an optimum environmentally friendly and resilient system. Also, with complete systemic interoperability, which is again best realized through closer collaboration than an arms distance relationship between the companies would allow for.
For example, going from Solar DC current production to DC storage reduces conversion energy losses. The system works better if it made to closely work better together.

Musk knew how to build the charging network, he also knows how to reduce costs by prefabricating solar charging functionality with integral energy storage. Of course in the early stages Musk had little muscle to take on the local power configurations of utility muscle, auto dealers, oil companies, local firms with political locks but relatively weak solution options. Look my gosh at what Musk has accomplished, and understand he is on a course of destiny to get effective solar charging ready and working superbly. Nobody took the risk or had the vision like Musk. And now they want to punish him and distract him in petty suits that are of course from people that have little contribution to make to the state of the art Musk continually shifts seismically.

Why I fight for change regionally
Like Musk I realized the road map for the future was almost certain to be well manifested in solar charging. Specific things were discussed but it became obvious that an exclusionary and mediocre lock was the chosen political result of having very amateur teams upholding no integrity or tech oriented innovation. From a front row seat I saw the incompetence of the urban planning and quasi committees to stand up to the factions of regional political power, urban planners, and utilities.

It has not been my pleasure to have few like-minded regional players, but my thoughts have long aligned and agreed with the vision leadership of Musk, we came to like conclusions through very separate efforts but with the same agenda and very close common visions.

The winds are now changing, tech innovation and full expression efforts are following the fusion innovation road map that tech gets but that the legacy bureaucracies are so obtuse in failing to grasp. As mentioned, the time is short for the tide to really turn in overwhelming currents of change. It didn't help that our region is dominated by big money special interest groups that were for very different reasons trying to throw wrenches in progress and purposely suppress solar success. That would include the Koch Brothers and KCPL acting in very different ways and for very different reasons but they were trying to trip distributed solar in every political way possible, oftentimes while trying to maintain a very different face to the public. Those players can't keep their fingers in the dike much longer. This time it won't be Elon alone. It will be Elon, GM, Ford, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Nvidia, Ford, VW (which runs the largest research and development effort in Europe). Any player that doesn't run at full speed now risks marginalization in a hurry.

Why Musk and others pursuing autonomy are the likely path to genius robotics
The total effort to deal with intelligent navigation through the application of AI has few other like initiatives to meld complex AI, sensor fusion, high value markets, and extreme urgency. This is where the great armies of commerce are applying their resources and see economic opportunity. That means the most talented tech firms of our time are integrating breakthroughs in all the requisite areas, from manufacturing to software in alignment. The vehicles in effect have become thinking, acting robots. Musk and Barros in fact call them that and relate to them in such a systems orientation.

Fast forward a few iterations, maybe ten years, maybe twenty. You will have in all likelihood something that improves with the usual outstanding trajectory of tech innovation iteratively leapfrogging expectations.

Genius robots are to change everything, economics, politics, productivity, quality, labor requirements, and become the apex source of prosperity. Of course Musk and Bezos get this. This leads to the stuff of a new golden age. Of course China is targeting this too and in many cases their governmental thinking around tech futures is more smartly developed than that of the United States. Our best cards are our best people and organizations of innovation. It is really the only counter. We won't outplay China with real estate development or military spending without improving the entirety of our innovation to application models.

Stock price, and the reckoning for the shorts
I don't mind someone thinking Tesla is overvalued. It is another thing to leverage a short with a narrative intended to hurt the company, not really caring about if the suggested analysis is really true, but more if it is inclined to move the herd to negativity. It bothers Musk and it bothers me, that we subject our best innovators to such a gauntlet. So far Tesla is outperforming expectations and putting a hurt on the shorts. I hope the positive run of accomplishments keeps on keeping on. It will be good for our country. Oftentimes the shorts work through rumors and proxies.

The tide is going to drown out the naysayers, and nothing would make Musk smile more.

BlackRock weighs in to make a difference
I am very pleased at the example BlackRock is showing themselves to be through their influence and actions to prioritize climactic instability and the environment. We can't wait for perfect evidence, but there is plenty to guide our actions. Is it really even reasonable that we subject our blue orb to such risks, and all our future generations?

Larry Fink is using the mechanisms of his firm to weigh in that the time for change and priority for the financial industry is right now. So you have a virtuous alignment of the huge money of the West Coast Tech Industry aligning with the huge money of the East Coast Financial Industry now shifting the landscape. They do it in the open, not hidden in the black box of covert politics. They also stand up as leaders and declare their purpose.

Kudos to BlackRock, and the other who in like approach are making ready for a new era. The changing tide is now a speeding current. This only accelerates with each new fantastic release of available, remarkable products that are improving so fast. As Barra says there will be more change in the next five years to Automotive than in the last fifty years. Republican's used to stand for clean air and the environment, look at who drove clean air and national park creation. Tech innovation towards pervasive betterment can no longer be impeded.

Prediction, Musk wins his case, and the shorts take a bath. And the US moves towards something better in so many ways while the special interest impediments learn this is not in accord with the changing sensibility of the public.

Solar charging, Musk, Genius Robots for the win. There is a certain inevitability now. We are now boldly segueing to a new era.

First Published: 2021-07-13

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