Barcelona-based Ray Electric Motors debuts electric scooter with battery management by US-based ION Energy.

ION Energy Partners with European Electric Scooter Startup Ray Electric Motors

The Spanish startup will use ION's advanced battery management and intelligence technologies for the launch of their electric scooter, the RAY 7.7


Mumbai, January 27, 2020 : ION Energy, US based leading provider of advanced electronics for electric vehicles and energy storage solutions, has entered into an agreement to supply battery management systems (BMS) to electric scooter startup, Ray Electric Motors

Founded in 2019, the Barcelona based startup recently launched its first smart electric scooter, the RAY 7.7. The e-scooter is powered by a 10.7kW motor coupled to a 7.7kWh battery. The fixed high density lithium-ion battery promises to deliver a top speed of 125km/h and a range of up to 150km with fast charging support. Other highlights of the 7.7 include a multifunction TFT instrument console, in-built navigation, anti-theft alarm, and smartphone connectivity. Keeping in mind the metropolitan regions of Europe, RAY also offers a provision to switch between multiple driving modes - city, sport, Flow & reverse. The vehicle is also capable of OTA updates for continuous improvements, thanks to the smart VCU and BMS powering it.

For the BMS, Ray Electric Motors was on the lookout for a credible partner with a proven technology that's been tested and deployed in electric two-wheelers. Inherently, lithium-ion batteries are unstable and require dedicated management to prevent damage and degradation of the asset. Battery Management Systems (BMS), also known as the "brain" of the battery, are responsible for the efficiency, safety, and longevity of lithium-ion batteries. The primary role of the BMS is to ensure the battery operates within it's Safe Operating Area (or SOA) by continuously monitoring its current state and logging performance data in real-time. ION Energy's "smart FS-LT BMS delivers on both safety and performance, making it the perfect system to manage the RAY 7.7

In addition to automotive-grade safety features, the FS-LT BMS is built with wireless smartphone connectivity and compatible with ION Energy's proprietary cloud-based analytics platform. The platform will allow Ray Electric Motors to send over-the-air (OTA) updates to its scooters, continuously improving the life and performance of the asset. In its first year, RAY will manufacture a limited set of 1000 vehicles and has plans to scale up to a minimum of 10000+ e-scooters by 2023. The company plans to target major metropolitan areas of Europe before expanding to the United States and other regions.

Started in 2016, ION Energy is a leading global provider of advanced electronics for electric vehicles. ION's flagship BMS technology has been deployed in over 60,000 electric vehicles in India & Europe. The company supplies its technology to 75+ customers spread across 15+ countries. Commenting on the partnership, Akhil Aryan, CEO & Co-founder of ION Energy said, "We're excited to work with an innovative partner like RAY. Their smart electric scooter does not compromise on speed, power, range or design. We believe IONs smart BMS & cloud analytics solutions coupled to RAY's platform will offer exceptional experience to consumers in Europe and globally.

Inigo Raventos Basagoiti, CEO & Co-founder of Ray Electric Motors said, "We searched for the best components and technology in the world for our electric scooter, which has been developed to fulfill the highest expectations of the premium urban mobility customer in large European metropolitan areas. ION Energy, with its smart BMS solution, has proven to be the perfect partner for us, and gives us the quality and scalability we need for our growth strategy."

First Published: 2021-02-08

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