Illustration of proposed LA Skyrail at Mullholland

LA Skyrail Proposal Moves Step Closer to Reality

BYD is the developer of the elevated rail equipment


Gliding over Sepulveda Pass, one of Los Angeles’ notorious traffic snarl points, got closer to reality with LA Metro awarding a pre-development services contract to the LA SkyRail Express team (LASRE). LASRE’s vision is to deliver a high-speed, high-capacity, elevated and at-grade monorail rapid transit system.

his high-service-frequency, state-of-the-art monorail will link the historically underserved San Fernando Valley to LA’s Westside, to LAX, and to education hubs, including UCLA.

If ultimately selected by Metro as the preferred technology, the rail system would ease traffic, create hundreds of American jobs, encourage mixed-use, transit-oriented development, and bring highly interconnected rapid transit service within reach of many lower- income neighborhoods.

First Published: 2021-04-04

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