H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco (R) with Venturi’s President Gildo Pastor

Venturi Antarctica: 1st Zero Emissions Polar Exploration Vehicle

Monaco, 2 June 2021 – Monegasque high-performance electric vehicle constructor Venturi is set to unveil the next generation Antarctica on World Environment Day (5 June). The world’s first ever zero emissions polar exploration vehicle will be deployed at Princess Elisabeth Antarctic research station in December.

SOURCE: Venturi


Returning from a trip to the Antarctic in 2009, H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco remarked to Venturi's President Gildo Pastor that the research stations there had no environmentally-friendly, non-polluting vehicles. So the Prince Albert II Foundation asked Venturi to come up with a zero emissions solution, to carry passengers and equipment to and from the scientific research sites.

Three successive versions of the vehicle were designed. The latest, presented to the Sovereign at Venturi's workshops on 1 June, will be operational from 7 December 2021 at the Belgian Princess Elisabeth research station.


Antarctica's bodywork and styling were created by Sacha Lakic, the designer with whom Venturi has worked closely for many years. His vision cleverly navigates the technical constraints imposed by the research and development department, most of which are to do with the vehicle's thermal insulation, the size of the battery, and the chassis' tubular structure.

Sacha Lakic also succeeded in the challenge of devising a design that is versatile, yet ensures the right level of comfort for the vehicle's occupants. With its fold-down bench seats, Antarctica is able to carry up to six people, along with equipment and a second battery to extend the initial range of 50 kilometres.

Antarctica is the encapsulation of Venturi's technological expertise. The Research & Development teams - already working on the Voxan and Venturi world speed records programme - have created a completely unique vehicle, equipped with cutting-edge technological solutions that are both bold and clever.

Venturi Antarctica EV

First Published: 2021-06-02

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