Rapid charging network would help power shift to electric boats.

Aqua SuperPower Demonstrate Worldwide Marine Charging Network Rollout at Venice Boat Show

First marinised superchargers support sustainable shift to decarbonised marine sector.

SOURCE: Aqua Superpower

28 May 2021 - Aqua superPower will be creating a wave of interest at the Venice Boat Show from 29 May ? 6 June 2021, with the continuing rollout of the world?s first electric charging network specifically for marine use.

The Aqua network will be accessible to marine users via the Aqua secure app or RFID card. The app will enable users to view a map showing charger options and offering navigational aids to guide them to their chosen location. Chargers on the network will provide reliable and rapid 25kW-150kW DC charging for both leisure and commercial boats. From jet-skis and super yacht tenders, to passenger ferries and cargo vessels, Aqua will own, operate and maintain this network of smart chargers using their own cloud-based back-office system providing secure access to a range of user functionalities.

The Venice boat show will showcase the 150kW Aqua supercharger with twin CCS connectors providing rapid DC charging. The unique design by BorromeodeSilva studio of Milan incorporates 75% recycled aluminium, most of which is sourced from post-consumer scrap, significantly reducing the environmental footprint over the course of production. The construction of the unit is ideally suited to marine use thanks to the unique Hydro CIRCAL process pioneered by Norsk Hydro, who produce the supercharger shell.

Aqua are the first company to design and install a marine fast charging network. With five rapid chargers already installed across the French Riviera and Northern Italy, and a further twenty planned installations by the end of the summer, they are already supporting marinas, boat builders and boat owners in the drive to bring electric power to the water and making substantial steps to decarbonising the marine ecosystem.

Alex Bamberg, CEO of Aqua superPower, said. "In order for the marine industry to move away from hugely polluting fossil fuels to greener electricity, a new infrastructure has to be provided to support the transition. With global reach, the Aqua superPower team have unrivalled experience in electric charging, meaning that we are perfectly positioned to support the marine industry in making the switch to electric power."

By reducing the overall impact of boating on our marine ecosystems and minimising the flow of harmful pollutants into our oceans and waterways, Aqua aims to take the first steps towards helping the marine environment return to its natural state and to preserve the wildlife that depends upon it.

For more information, please call us or email enquiries to: enquiries@aqua-superpower.com, or visit our website: www.aqua-superpower.com.

Aqua Superpower Marine-side Charger

First Published: 2021-06-04

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