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Electric Kickscooters with Made In Italy Flair

Pininfarina, MT Distribution and Helbiz agreeto develop and deploy elegant and distinctive Made in Italy micro-mobility

SOURCE: Pinanfarina

New York, June 14th, 2021 - A collaboration amongst international companies comes to life with Helbiz, a global leader in micro-mobility that is the business combination target of GreenVision Acquisition Corp. (Nasdaq: GRNV), which recently acquired MiMoto Smart Mobility Srl, the Italian leader in the scooter sharing market; Pininfarina, the internationally renowned design house and emblem of Italian style worldwide, an ambassador of "know-how" whose roots are in the history of Italy, with a natural propensity for innovation and the future of mobility; and MT Distribution, a company of the Italian Motor Valley leader in the design and development of urban micro-mobility solutions, renowned worldwide in the area of urban electric mobility, thanks to its complete offering of electric scooters, e-bikes, e-mopeds, accessories and spare parts.

The three companies have entered into an agreement to build an innovative fleet of electric scooters for the Italian market. With the development of electric vehicles announced today, Helbiz continues to expand its business portfolio, investing in Italy to seek talent and generate new jobs.

As part of this partnership, Helbiz will be the first micro-mobility sharing company to start developing micro-mobility solutions in Italy, which involves the development of a coordinated and customizable design by Pininfarina for Helbiz, for a new range of electric micro-mobility vehicles. With its expertise and its specialization in e-mobility solutions, MT Distribution will lead the engineering efforts for Helbiz vehicles.

The first phase will focus on scooters used for sharing and will then move on to those for consumer sales. This will expand Helbiz's business by integrating direct sales with sharing.

Both sharing customers and direct consumers will have access to an electric scooter designed by Pininfarina, engineered in Italy by MT Distribution and distributed on the market by Helbiz.

Following the strong growth trend of the market towards urban micro-mobility, the products resulting from the collaboration between the three companies will be gradually revealed to the public over the course of this year.

The project will start with e-scooters, a symbol of environmental sustainability, which will be developed by a dedicated engineering and development team shared by the three companies and will then continue with electric bicycles and electric mopeds. This collaboration is a clear demonstration of the ability to merge physical and digital worlds through the use of skills.

This is a global project and regards all means of electric, green and shared micro-mobility. The entire fleet of scooters, e-bicycles and e-mopeds will have a "family feel" design, making all vehicles unique and immediately recognizable.

Helbiz was the first company to introduce urban electric micro-mobility in Italy, providing an environmentally friendly benefit for customers and government administrations. With 400 employees globally, including well over 220 in Italy, and a significant strategic growth plan, Helbiz is the Italian market leader with a market share of more than 20% across Europe, while it continues to expand and hire local staff to manage its operations worldwide, in addition to increasing its global activities. While it operates in approximately 30 cities worldwide, Helbiz has focused its investment efforts on Italy during the post-pandemic period, as it is crucial for the country. Within the next few weeks, Helbiz will be the first publicly traded micro-mobility company on the Nasdaq.

Pininfarina, a global design house with offices in Italy, Germany, China and the United States, boasts a unique experience in mobility - Automotive and Transportation, Industrial Design and User Experience - and is able to influence lifestyle, architecture and much more providing know-how, skills and insights across many sectors. In over 90 years since its foundation, Pininfarina has developed over 1200 Automotive projects and over 600 in Industrial Design and Architecture, receiving more than 50 international design awards in the last ten years.

MT Distribution has been able to detect and seize the opportunities of electricity, positioning itself today as an international leader in the field of sustainable urban mobility. Italian character is the hallmark of the company's mission, which unites the proprietary Argento brand and the electric micro-mobility lines developed in partnership with the major players in the automotive sector. The company's vision is to expand the daily use of urban electric mobility, characterized by the search for quality, style and innovation that has always identified Italian know-how in the world. The Group prides itself on the professionalism of over 80 collaborators in Italy and abroad and has three offices in Bologna, Milan and Shenzen.

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First Published: 2021-06-14

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